Reversing the Numbness

Friday, March 16, 2007

Safe Sex: The Next Cold War?

As in, a thing of the past. A knee-jerk reaction to an outdated fear of our parents' generation. That's right, folks. Our kids won't have to worry about pesky condoms or dreaded abstinence. Why? Because the president of Gambia recently announced before a group of foreign diplomats that he has cured AIDS. Yes, you read that correctly. The president of the the impoverished African Nation of Gambia has cured AIDS. President Yahya Jammeh. Not DOCTOR Jammeh, mind you. Surprisingly, he does not have a background in medicine or science at all.

Apparently, his ancestors came to him in a dream, and gave him the cure for AIDS. Lucky for his constituents, all it takes to cure the deadly AIDS virus is a mixture of about 7 different herbs and spices.

Its the 21st Century. Medical breakthroughs occur on daily basis. We have successfully mapped the human genome and we are teased with staggering possibilities of stem cell research on a daily basis. It is somewhat disconcerting that the most significant advancement since the polio vaccine amounts to seven herbs served up in a recycled syrup jar in a third world country. But there you have it. After all, it was on, so it must be true.


The Dalai Mama said...

That's sheer whackery. I guess the situation is so desperate, that people are willing to believe and try anything. It's horrible to give them that false hope. I wonder what this guy thinks he can gain from this? I wonder if he actually believes it works? I do have to say, it's much less harmless than the other "cure for AIDS" in many African nations--having sex with a virgin.

SleekPelt said...

Maybe the dude would be so kind as to prove it by injecting himself with the virus and then mixing up his cure-all co-op cocktail.

Seriously, this guy should be put in prison for this.