Reversing the Numbness

Friday, March 9, 2007

Robby & The Maniacal Hot Dog Man

OK, I know I am treading close to "beating a dead horse," but I just can't stop thinking about this. Note that "Letter III" was the one that I reproduced below, and "Letter I" was actually the reply that I received.


SleekPelt said...

Wow, Zee -- that's taking it to the next level! I just read the summaries to the right for now, but when I get some time over the weekend, I'll be sure to look more into the letters. Knowing that it worked this way, do you regret not continuing your communication with him?

Zee said...

I do indeed. from the site I linked to, I've learned that is was a massive phenomenon. I kinda feel like I missed out on a lot of it becuase I felt sorry for the guy and did not want to add to his problems.