Reversing the Numbness

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Quick Dose of R.R.C.

Sorry U2 fans, but its funny 'cause its true!


The Dalai Mama said...

Well, I personally view things such the Darfur and AIDS crises to be humanitarian issues and not political. If I had tons of money, you'd better believe I'd be spending it to make peoples' lives better. I would have a more community-based approach, though. Of course, if you frequently travel the world, maybe you would look at the whole world as your community. I must admit that Bono and other celebs like him come off as holier-than-thou, and they certainly grate on my nerves. With a name like "The Dalai Mama," would you really expect a different response? ;)

getto said...

I can appreciate what Bono does because he brings high profile name recogntion to certain issues, such as AIDS. If someone wants to use there star power to bring issues to the main stream, then so be it. We wouldn't read squat about issues such as Dafur, Somalia, or AIDS in the local paper unless someone famous was involved! Now Britney Spears in rehab- there is a social issue that needs addressing. I would much rather hear about famous people raising money and using their own money for important issues, then about what celeb has rented a whole wing of a rehab facility for there own personal spa vacation. If it wasn't for the Paul Newmans, Robert Redfords, Bono's, and even Jolies, their causes would have less interest and money.

Zee said...

Oops. I think I unwittingly broke the no politics rule (though I didn't really see it as that,I just thought it was funny). We'll have to agree to disagree on this. I have a hard time with the utter pretentiousness of statments such as "Why would you deny for others what you demand for yourself?" from a multi-millionaire rock star rushing from his limo to his private jet. Of course, I didn't really mena to single out Bono in particular, either.