Reversing the Numbness

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

Okay, it's Thursday, but tomorrow will be chaotic, so I figured I'd start this week's music post on Thursday.

Hoop's got me checking out some spunk by a band called Spill Canvas. It's very Hoopish, and it's got me in the mood for upbeat music. I'm gonna hit up some Hendrix next. If you can send me links along with your suggestions, like good ol' Anon did last week, then I'll be like, "Word."

Oh, this is pretty interesting, if you haven't heard it yet:

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Okay, I Simpsonized myself. It looks a little like me, I guess. My favorite part is the Homer-style stubble. If anyone else has done this, I'd love to see your results. Post in the comments if you know how.

If you haven't done it and you'd like to, go all corporate at

Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

I suddenly thought of one of my favorite Dr. Seuss lines ever:

Now bicycles were never made
For pale green pants to ride 'em
Especially spooky pale green pants
With nobody inside 'em
So I'm going to listen to Queen's "Bicycle Race," even though I don't like that song all that much. Any other suggestions? I'm all 'eers.

Words of Wisdom

My boy dropped this morsel on me a few minutes ago, and it's simply too enlightening not to share:

When people need to throw up, they do diarrhea.
Consider yourself educated.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Name That 'Do 5

I'd said Name That 'Do was retired, but like Michael Jordan, Jeremy McGrath, and my father-in-law, it's making a little comeback.

The subject for this one is female pop singers.

This one could be over early.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Toilet Humor

I guess our minds were in the gutter the other night when the DM and I came up with our two latest ideas.

First is a chain of restaurants called Fartagain's Irish Pub and Beanery. I really don't think this needs much embellishment.

Next is an idea that we were sure had been thought of before: Glade Butt Plug-Ins. Again, I think the purpose of these is pretty clear. Turns out it wasn't an original idea, and here's the proof. (Turn the volume down if there are kids around; swear-word alert.)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A New Breed

The DM ran across this cute little fella yesterday while browsing a local animal shelter's website. He's a pit bull/beagle mix. We've decided we're going to start breeding these dogs in an attempt to create the next great hybrid, a la peek-a-poo, labradoodle, etc.

I think we'll call them beabulls, unless someone has a better idea. (Okay, I really just wanted to post this photo, which cracks me up.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Run for No. 1

I just thought I'd share the latest cover of Sports Illustrated with you all. That's WVU's star running back, Steve Slaton, on the cover, who looks to be a contender for the Heisman Trophy this year. Fingers crossed, this looks to be a good year in sports for West Virginia University.

Some Great Links for Live Shows...content

Hey folks,

I am what you would call a "lurker" (someone that reads others but hardly ever posts) on a number of jamband message boards. Here is a very cool thread started by a girl on the Phish Phantasytour board. It has sendspace and other hosting sites with some great music you can pull down for free and more importantly Legally. Dead, Phish, Miles, Coltrane, Talking Heads and all kinds of other live shows... many of them soundboards. my harddrive has a bellyache ;)

Let me know if you have any success... Cheers its Friday! ~Dru

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

Rock me. Roll me. Soothe me. Soul me. Hip me. Hop me. Someone, stop me!

Feed me, Seymour!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Thoughts Thursday

-If this crazy, messed-up world of ours had no coffee in it
I'd hop the first train out of here, I wouldn't stay a minute

-I'm happy to hear British singers actually sounding British. Sure, Billy Bragg always has, and there are others, but why do so many people seem to lose their accents when they sing? I'm thinking of Mick Jagger singing "I can't get no satisfaction." The last time I checked, Yanks and Brits say can't decidedly different, and Mick doesn't sing it like the Brits I know say it. Pop up-and-comers Lily Allen and Kate Nash, as well hip-hopper The Streets, sound properly British! Good on you, mates!

If there are any Brits still reading this blog, I'd love to hear your input into this. Paging Matt Allard. Come in, Mr. Allard.

-Speaking of singers, I'm totally into Mugison right now. Check him out and let me know what you think. It might make Rob Zero's ear's bleed. Try it, Rob!

-I left my cell phone out in the rain a couple of weeks ago, and while it still works, the backlight is broken. The only way I can see my address book, read texts, or look at my caller ID is to shine a flashlight on the display. Crazy but true.

I was at a race in Minnesota this past weekend and I needed to make a call, so I asked the people around me if anyone had a flashlight I could use. This guy David Bulmer proceeded to pull out his cell phone, which has a built-in flashlight. I used it to see my address book on my cell phone and make the call. I've been mulling it over ever since.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Wedding Rap

A few weeks ago the DM and I had the pleasure of going to Philly to watch our pal Zee marry his sweetheart, Lanay. We knew that Zee, being one of the coolest humans on earth (Rob Zero, you nailed that speech), would have some cool stuff in store. Here's one of the highlights of their very cool wedding:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Amazing Light Graffiti

It's simply amazing what people think of....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random Thoughs Thursday

-We live a short drive from the Zendik farm, right here in good ol' West By God Virginia. There's something to be said for giving up the trappings of modern life and living off the land with friends, I suppose, but if it's still like it was when Arthur Bradford checked it out 13 years ago, then at a Texas location, I think I'll pass, thankyouverymuch.

-To this day, the scariest, most intense thing I've ever done is hang gliding off the cliffs of La Jolla, California, with Steve Stackable. I almost shat.

-Three of my friends got medals in this year's X Games. Ronnie Renner got a gold in Moto X Step-Up, Ken Block got a silver in Rally, and David Pingree, who I also work with, got a bronze in Supermoto. And my good buddy Ryan Clark raced well in Moto X and almost made the main, sorta. Well done, gentlemen.

-I would pay $2 to hear Steady B's "Yo Mutha" right now.

-If you haven't seen Barry Gordy's Last Dragon, I highly suggest it. Here's one reason why:

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Sleek Awards: Worst Animal in the History of the World

Wow, this is the easiest award I've ever doled out. There's one animal that is so vile, so horrendous, responsible for so much putrescence, so much human suffering, that it sweeps this category so thoroughly that there aren't even any other nominees. The absolute worst animal that has ever been is, of course, the rat.

With all due respect to the fictional hero Randy Rat, the nicest rat anyone ever knew, in reality rats are the lowest of the low. All rats, even the ones the DM thinks are cute because they have giant ears and look like cartoon characters (I think the pictured beast is the one she likes), are creatures of darkness that are in the direct command of the evil one. And the greatest concentration of evil in a rat is in their tails. And also their feet.

Of course my kids love them and always have to go look at them at Petco. I just can't get close to them. I always go check out the snakes and turtles. Too bad they don't have bats; that's where I'd be hanging out.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Across the Universe

Back on my plane-crash-song post, I picked Fiona Apple's version of The Beatles song "Across the Universe." Tonight I found out there was a video for it:

The video's a lot like I would hope a plane crash would be and reminds me why I picked that song.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Music

After a couple of weeks on hiatus, Friday Music is back. I'm already all hopped up on caffeine, so I'm going to take this opportunity to hang out with Social Distortion for a while today. After that? Well, it's up to you of course, so you tell me....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Random Thoughts Thursday

-Carnivale was the best show ever on television, and the fact that HBO dropped it mid-story after only two seasons is practically criminal. If the story goes unfinished, with all of the other mediums out there (movies/graphic novels/comic books, etc.), that really is criminal.

-Three to five birds fly into my office window on a daily basis. None have ever been hurt to my knowledge. What a surprise that must be to a bird, though. I know it's been quite shocking to me when I've walked into patio doors.

-I've listened to very little Social Distortion in my life, and I feel it's something I need to remedy soon.

-When I ride my motorcycle, I compulsively press my blinker-off button to make sure I'm not riding down the road with a bogus blinker. I sometimes do this ten times in a minute. This way, that bastard is off. Amazingly, I still manage to leave it on occasionally.

-I had a moment of clarity two nights ago while playing guitar. For about five minutes, while all alone in my dining room, I felt I played and sang the best I have in years, and I had an incredible feeling of emotion that lasted for the duration of that time. Then it came to an immediate halt and I put my guitar down and went to bed. I picked it up again last night and I was shit.

-This is pretty crazy:

-Here's a great Bright Eyes song for all the lovers and haters out there:

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-For some reason, most of the blogs I like to read are defunct or at least in a serious holding pattern. I guess Winters always pass. Melissavina, what am I supposed to watch on Wednesdays? Finding new blogs to read is hard. Maybe I should start the Harry Potter series. But can it really be that good?

-If I had unlimited means, I'd have a barber shave my face three times a week. It will surprise no one who knows me that shaving is one of my least favorite things in the world. But so is long facial hair. I hate that even more than shaving. See my predicament?

All random thoughts are most welcomed. It feels sort of good to get them out, I'm finding.