Reversing the Numbness

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random Thoughs Thursday

-We live a short drive from the Zendik farm, right here in good ol' West By God Virginia. There's something to be said for giving up the trappings of modern life and living off the land with friends, I suppose, but if it's still like it was when Arthur Bradford checked it out 13 years ago, then at a Texas location, I think I'll pass, thankyouverymuch.

-To this day, the scariest, most intense thing I've ever done is hang gliding off the cliffs of La Jolla, California, with Steve Stackable. I almost shat.

-Three of my friends got medals in this year's X Games. Ronnie Renner got a gold in Moto X Step-Up, Ken Block got a silver in Rally, and David Pingree, who I also work with, got a bronze in Supermoto. And my good buddy Ryan Clark raced well in Moto X and almost made the main, sorta. Well done, gentlemen.

-I would pay $2 to hear Steady B's "Yo Mutha" right now.

-If you haven't seen Barry Gordy's Last Dragon, I highly suggest it. Here's one reason why:


josh williams said...

On a previous subject ask a vegan if they would eat a tapeworm, I think not. The Steve Stackable T shirt from Racer X is a shirt I am wearing have worn and have been complemented which is unusual, great shirt. As for the video who could not be enamored by the thespians. I think it is more of actors film than anything else hence the critics panning it when it was released.

The Dalai Mama said...

josh: You're right about the vegan/tapeworm thing. No way would someone who is vegan eat a tapeworm.

sleek: Forget anything I ever said about wanting to go live at the Zendik farm. Shikes! I knew something was up when I noticed that some of the kids that live there have the same father and different mothers. The kids are roughly the same age, though.

SleekPelt said...

josh: Excellent points as always, my man. I'm glad the Stack shirt is working out for you. As for tape worms, I would take it a step farther and contend that nobody who is sane would eat a tape worm.

dm: I forgot it the moment you mentioned it! I have no problems with consensual sex among adults, but I think that's supposed to mean the people having sex are consenting and not the people around them.

The Dalai Mama said...

Sleek: I feel the same. I have no problem with adults doing whatever the hell they want if it's consensual. However, I was thinking that we would join Zendik together. I'm not willing to share you with a bunch of weird hippies. (And you know that I have no problem with hippies. I'm not saying anything bad about hippies. In fact, some people probably think I'm a hippie.)

Clash said...

Ahh, Steve Stackable....I would have bet my last Oreo cookie that I would not have read that name today. Good times!

spooge said...

Sho'nuf is totally awesome! He totally went in that pizza shop and laid the smack down. They had it coming. They need to pay for the services of the Shogun!

Question: How would the people at Zendick deal with the Shogun? I'm assuming they're pacifists, so that would be a tough call. I would be a pacifist to if some guy came into town, totally being an @ss kicker with football shoulder pads, a tiger skin cod piece and cool shades (that are actually a series of visors.) KNOW it!

"Who's the baddest mutha in town?"


spooge said...

This Zendick thing seems like a cult. Don't get me wrong, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Their are good cults and bad cults.

I'm pretty knowledgeable about this kind of thing b/c i did significant research on cults for a paper I wrote in 7th grade, so I'm definitely right on target when speaking about this subject.

But looking at the website and reading about Wulf, looking at the pictures...i just hope one day that I don't wake up and there are ATF agents outside the compound, getting ready to lay their own smack down. or that they all decided to make their own special flavor of Kool-aid.

Zee said...

That link to the Austin writer who visited the Zendicks was quite interesting. I'm steadfastly against cults in the classic sense (as we all know, they are usually far far darker and very difficult to break away from once the cheery outer layer is scratched).

Based upon the links, it does seem like the Zendiks fall short of that generalized assessment. People seem to come and go as they please. I have to admire something about this: Back in the 60s, there were lots and lots of "communes" that failed miserably after the luster wore off of the idea. The fact that these people have maintained this "hippie" ideal for so many years is pretty impressive. It'd be interesting to visit, but I'd never want to stay.

Also says a lot that after all this time, they're participating in the "bullshit" in a pretty big way now: websites, books, retail merch and, however incidiental, celebrity sponsorship.