Reversing the Numbness

Friday, August 17, 2007

Some Great Links for Live Shows...content

Hey folks,

I am what you would call a "lurker" (someone that reads others but hardly ever posts) on a number of jamband message boards. Here is a very cool thread started by a girl on the Phish Phantasytour board. It has sendspace and other hosting sites with some great music you can pull down for free and more importantly Legally. Dead, Phish, Miles, Coltrane, Talking Heads and all kinds of other live shows... many of them soundboards. my harddrive has a bellyache ;)

Let me know if you have any success... Cheers its Friday! ~Dru


Raoul Duke said...

don't know why the link isn't hot.

please just copy and paste to your browser.

Raoul Duke said...

darn..the link is still active but I am not technically proficient in getting it hot. Help on this anyone? Sleek?

SleekPelt said...

This link should work.

Raoul Duke said...

nice buddy, thanks. there is a flaming lips show on there.

josh williams said...

My brother in law just mentioned last Sunday that he was a lurker on a screen saver called...Sheep, or something like that, it has over 50,000 subscribers and they all offer their computer for hire and mathematics are used (mathematics has something to do with math and logic or something)...There are members who contribute and there are members who just offer their computer for hire(free) and watch the images evolve into all sorts of cool images, art if you will...Its cool but I could not download because it became complicated and I decided a tangent would be better for me, but if your interested I can get more info, but I would guess you already know. JW