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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Random Thoughts Thursday

-Carnivale was the best show ever on television, and the fact that HBO dropped it mid-story after only two seasons is practically criminal. If the story goes unfinished, with all of the other mediums out there (movies/graphic novels/comic books, etc.), that really is criminal.

-Three to five birds fly into my office window on a daily basis. None have ever been hurt to my knowledge. What a surprise that must be to a bird, though. I know it's been quite shocking to me when I've walked into patio doors.

-I've listened to very little Social Distortion in my life, and I feel it's something I need to remedy soon.

-When I ride my motorcycle, I compulsively press my blinker-off button to make sure I'm not riding down the road with a bogus blinker. I sometimes do this ten times in a minute. This way, that bastard is off. Amazingly, I still manage to leave it on occasionally.

-I had a moment of clarity two nights ago while playing guitar. For about five minutes, while all alone in my dining room, I felt I played and sang the best I have in years, and I had an incredible feeling of emotion that lasted for the duration of that time. Then it came to an immediate halt and I put my guitar down and went to bed. I picked it up again last night and I was shit.

-This is pretty crazy:

-Here's a great Bright Eyes song for all the lovers and haters out there:

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-For some reason, most of the blogs I like to read are defunct or at least in a serious holding pattern. I guess Winters always pass. Melissavina, what am I supposed to watch on Wednesdays? Finding new blogs to read is hard. Maybe I should start the Harry Potter series. But can it really be that good?

-If I had unlimited means, I'd have a barber shave my face three times a week. It will surprise no one who knows me that shaving is one of my least favorite things in the world. But so is long facial hair. I hate that even more than shaving. See my predicament?

All random thoughts are most welcomed. It feels sort of good to get them out, I'm finding.


Valyna said...

By all means add some Social D to your library!! You're completely missing out on some brilliance there. I heart Social D.

Random thoughts to contribute:

-Modest Mouse is AMAZING in concert. Caught them last night. Every band should have two drummers on stage. It was incredible.

-I'm craving pickles. But only the Claussen ones fresh from the fridge.

-There's a little rubber green alien guy on my desk here at work. He's standing right next to my evil devil rubber ducky. You wouldn't typically expect that on an accountant's desk, I suppose.

-I loathe John Mayer but for some reason LOVE that damn "Gravity" song of his that's out right now.

-I really miss watching "My So Called Life" and wish they never cancelled the show. Jared Leto was just dreamy on that show. Even without eyeliner.

-Cheese sounds really good. I think I'll have some of that with my pickles when I get home.

Happy Thursday =)

SleekPelt said...

valyna: At least I can still read your blog, Valyna. Re: the alien guy, that doesn't surprise me, but the fact that you're an accountant does. Re: John Mayer, I've traditionally disliked him as well, but his new album is actually pretty damn good. Happy Thursday to you too!

Clash said...


Crazy day here in TN, so thanks for the thoughts. Enjoyed them.

SleekPelt said...

clash: I can only imagine the madness you're enduring in Tennessee, my man. Keep the faith and keep up the good work on the shows. You're a natural, pal.

Wildflower said...

I too recently witnessed a bird's eyes deceive him. Unfortunately, it was from the driver's seat of my car at about 40 mph. This was only the second time I've ever committed vehicular slaughter. The first was the duck incident to which the whole flock was witness. bad memories.

I can't comment on Social Distortion or John Mayer, I haven't really listened to either, but I am excited to hear that John Prine is coming to town.

tine b said...

sleekpelt, asking for random thoughts is dangerous. It's sort of like asking for bad jokes. Anyway, you're welcome to read my blog anytime. Please be nicely dressed, full, and not too tired while doing so. Sit upright in front of your screen, I really do appreciate a good posture and not the life-tired teenager slouching. And don't let anyone read over your shoulder, that's so annoying. But then, yes you're really welcome there. Be prepared for adult language, as you know, I've just been rated NC-17 for using words like 'crappy', 'bomb', 'death', and 'dangerous'.

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

See, I warned you, this would get ugly.

Well, the bird, I can so relate to that, the shock of a window. I can feel like that, the patio-door-shock, if I walk ahead, look down or to the side for a while, and then look up and straight ahead again. The shock. I pull my head back, like do a double-take, and my body sort of jerks a little backwards. And THEN, then, I realize, that there's nothing whatsoever in my way, it was just air. The shock of looking up again. The shocking enocunter with clear air. Kind of like when you wake up super quick in the moment you fall asleep because you think you fall off a cliff (my ex did it all the time, every second night, made me roll with laughter every time, because he was so funny when he did it, woke up not knowing if he was dead or alive, hit by a bus or falling off a mountain, a huge gasp and then looking at me with wide eyes, like I was a complete mystery, lying there, and apparently not in some dramatic danger), well being so distracted that I know the feeling of that physical FULL STOP shock just from air, I can only imagine the full body flying happily through the world, and then just be thrown back when you least expect it from - what the?? A mysterious air blocker you just don't see coming. It must be really wild. Have you ever thought if it might be the same bird, taking the daily 3-5 turns on your office window? Maybe it's more fun than we Birds's Tivoli, maybe they pay seeds somewhere to be the one to go next. And they have a max of five daily not to make you suspicious. You would, if there started coming one a minute, wouldn't you?

well, so much for random thoughts. cheers sleekpelt

SleekPelt said...

tine b: I can tell you're going to be fun. I'm okay with your requirements for reading your blog, and thanks for not making a clean shave one of them.

No, I hadn't considered that it could be the same bird, each time, every day. I've often wondered if birds dare each other to dive in front of moving cars. I really think they might.

As for the patio door thing, if I've said it once, I've said it a million times, and my wife can vouch for me: You've got to watch out for those air pockets.

I look forward to visiting you again soon, Tine B.

Raoul Duke said...

grow a beard on fall equinox and starting reading the DARK TOWER SERIES. Shave on the spring equinox. Stand with your mouth open at the last sentence of DT and start again. ;)

In my case, it has been way too long to do the following: play mandolin, fly fish and surfing. I am rendering the first now. I have dusted off a case in my closet and plan to learn to get down.

josh williams said...

Carnivale, great series, Adrian Bar...nevermind. Yes blogs come and go,some on sabbatical some are just deleted. I hate to shave and I have never had a bikini wax. I have almost figured out my blinkers and my starter...Soon the open road will unfold and ...a robin just perched on a tree outside my window, I like Robins, they are easy to identify.
If birds are flying into your window put a window feeder on your window, it will give them a destination and something for you to do when you are approaching deadline, you could quit cleaning your windows which would reduce the reflective qualitys of the glass and collisions. You could hang holographic tape over your windows which gives them the spooks, you could invent padded glass which would is a great idea because millions of birds are killed by collisions with large picture windows. Or anti reflective glass might be cheaper but not much...I dunno just kinda thinking random and stuff like that...ciao. JW

Rob Zero said...

Sorry, but "Freaks and Geeks" was the best TV show ever.

Jessie said...

You hit it on the nose with Carnival. I rarely ever watch, let alone follow a TV series. I caught a Carnival show one evening and was captivated by it. I made sure to get to a TV every Sunday for a new episode; which was hard because I was usually traveling home from the races that day.

The birds flying into your office- I never have that problem??? You experience so much more over in your office than I do. Here are some helpful hints on how to deter those little guys:


It's estimated that more than 90 million birds are killed each year as a result of hitting windows. Stopping the collisions is a matter of changing the birds' perception of what they see in the window.


Difficulty: Easy
1- Step OneGo outside and assess the "bird's-eye view" of windows. Look at anything that would give birds the impression that there is no barrier at the window glass.

2- Step TwoPut inexpensive stick-on silhouettes of hawks, falcons or owls on outside of window.

3- Step ThreeHang plants, streamers, wind chimes, or other objects outside the window.

4- Step FourMove feeders away from large picture windows.

5- Step FivePut a barrier of garden netting outside the window. This is most effective if firmly mounted about a foot away from the glass.

Tips & Warnings

Many birds that hit windows and appear to be dead are merely stunned. Leave birds on ground covered with a kitchen colander or box with air holes, until they recover. This will protect them from predators.
An awning may be effective in changing the reflection in the window.
Ads by Google

I have most of this stuff at my house already and would be happy to help you decorate. And afterall of that, the outside of your office will look like a Carnival

SleekPelt said...

rd: As you know, I've tried to read The Dark Tower series on many occasions and for some reason always get hung up on The Gunslinger. There will come a time when I'll get over the hump, though.

josh: Your idea for padded glass is freaking genius. It's freaking genius, I tell you.

rob: You know, I missed out on that one. I loved Undeclared, which I believe may have been made by the same guys, or involved the same guys somehow. I stand by Carnivale, however, until I see Freaks.

jessie: These are exceptional suggestions, truly. Do you have any large bat stickers? I'll put those bad boys on my window and let's see how many birds venture near then!

Jessie said...

Of course I have a large bat sticker at my house, silly. And, not only do I have a large bat sticker, but medium and small as well. I also have happy bats, mean bats, wizard bats and bats with dreadlocks. Let's not forget what this household is famous for- HALLOWEEN!!

SleekPelt said...

jessie: Wow, how could I have forgotten? Please bring me some bats so that I might save some birds. Thanks!