Reversing the Numbness

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Book of Lies

My old friends Rick and Mike are two-thirds of the Charleston, S.C.-based Book of Lies, and let me tell you, these guys are good. I worked with both of them for years at Camelot Music back in the '90s, and Rick was a huge influence on me in many ways, particularly on my tastes for music, books, films, etc. At the time, he had the biggest collection of CDs I'd ever seen, and I'd often hang out at his place almost until daybreak listening to or watching stuff I didn't even know existed. I would go so far as to say that hanging out with Rick changed the way I think in general.

He's also a hell of a guitar player and song-writer, and I listened to him play countless songs through the years, some his own, some written by others. All of these years later, he, Mike (drums), and Bobby (I've never met him, but through association I'll assume he's a good guy) are putting that talent together in a package that I think rocks. Please take a second to check them out.


spooge said...

rockers. the music is great. and every picture appears to have them getting ready to kick somebody's ass, or celebrating in the event that they have already kicked ass. and how do they show that celebration? with ROCK.

Zee said...

Rick actually send me a comment on Myspace a few days ago directing me to check out the new stuff. Its really really good. Not altogether "my thing," but I always enjoy well written, well produced, well played, guitar-oriented upbeat stuff, and they do it very very well. Also has some commercial viability! My brief association with Rick was memorable---he was really a terrific guy all around!