Reversing the Numbness

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

Actually, I have lots of music to catch up on from last week, because life dictated that I wouldn't have much time to do anything this week. I remember a time with fewer responsibilities. I wouldn't want to go back there for good, but I'd go back for the weekend.

Hair like Jesus wore it
Hallelujah, I adore it
Hallelujah, Mary loved her son
Why don't my mother love me?


There's always room for more music, though. What makes you feel free? Gimme gimme gimme!


SleekPelt said...

geto boy and fleming: I watched that John Denver/Johnny Cash YouTube clip today -- nice. What a peaceful, pure country setting.

SleekPelt said...

Tomorrow I'll start with John Mayer, then Blind Faith (who I used to listen to a good deal -- good stuff, RD), then Ratatat (new to me), and then Roger Waters. That's all the longer the queue is, for now.

Hattica said...

Green Day's new one: Rest my head. Super good.

Alice and Chains: Don't follow. Probably my favorite Chains song ever. The closing verse is off the frame.

Beck: Jackass

Metallica: Sanitarium

Sound garden: Blowup the outside World.

System of a Down: Soldier Side

Langers said...

Great Northern, Ima Robot (Bowie on steroids), The Kooks, Klaxons.

Langers said...

Oh, and Jamie T

Rob Zero said...

That Blind Faith record is, indeed, great.

How 'bout:
The Harder They Come - Soundtrack
Thin Lizzy - Dedicated
Roky Erickson - Evil One

SleekPelt said...

That Mayer album is good, RD. He's a super-talented dude, but this is really the only stuff of his that I've really liked. Also kicked some Blind Faith this morn, which was a flashback to the early '90s, when I first discovered them.

anon: Ratatat is very surprising. (I MySpaced 'em.) Sort of all over the place, in a good way. I like.

josh: Kicked some Roger this morn, too, which is always a good thing.

hattica: I only have Ride the Lightning, so I'm playing "Fight Fire with Fire," a classic Metallica song. I'll do some Beck and Green Day next.

Raoul Duke said...

Stone Temple Pilots: Vaseline and Interstate love song. that will get your Friday going.

Sleek: Dude, that pic took me back to when we were hanging at the music garden, DM lived upstairs and the Grandma's cheesesteak place late night that if you didn't have the dough could leave your drivers license. two words. Dahmer's Lunchbox. I used that as my fantasy football team name last year.

Zee said...

Ride The Lightning is my fav Metallica record by far.

I have been listening to Cheap Trick's Rockford this morning. Lots of good "Friday-in-the-summertime" type stuff delivered in classic Cheap Trick style.

Raoul Duke said...

Zee, what's up?! Sleek and I attended a Cheap Trick show at our local armory for my 17th birthday. good show. i caught a drum stick. wahooo.

Anonymous said...

RATATAT is pretty good huh?

Have I got a good one today or what?


watch this video on the youtuber:

The drummer is nothing but awesome.

spooge said...

raul. i think i was at that show with you guys.

Vixen was the opener right? Or did they open for Eddie Money? Must've been a good time, 'cause I can't remember.

the bass player had a twelve string, stand up bass. really, it was just an electric bass, with a long "pin" on the end of it that sat on the floor. 4 rows of 3-strings for each row.

highly underated band.

in my opinion, one of the most underated albums of all time is Primus', "Sailing the Seas of Cheese."

Anonymous said...

Sleekpelt, that long haired picture looks like some of the band members in that CAN video.

g2thelow said...

Gotta check out Schuyler Fisk. She's Sissy Spacek's daughter. Folksy songwriter, great voice. I went to her site and listened to "Hello".

Where the hell is Matt M. these days?

Anonymous said...

I got the stuff noone hears about thanks to Sirius.


The Dalai Mama said...

RD: You're almost making me cry thinking about the good old days. One of the best shows I ever saw at the Music Garden was that Circle Six show that I saw with you. Bong-hits from the 4-foot glass. Good times. Mama G's cheesesteaks. Damn they were good. (Especially after those bong hits.) As was the shaved ice in the fountain cokes. Yummmm! Oh, and Dahmer's Lunchbox is one of the most clever band-names I've ever heard.

Sleek: As for music, I was telling you last night that I heard a Bad Religion song that I really liked. You could maybe listen to some of that while burning me a CD of it. ;) Inspired by the season finale of Scrubs we watched last night, I just finished listening to Say Anything...Is a Real Boy. Great stuff.

SleekPelt said...

langers: Welcome! It's not a party until Langers shows up, so now it's officially on. Here's the rundown -- Great Northern is cool, particularly when the girl is singing. Ima Robot is pretty crazy, and I have a feeling seeing them (him?) live is something else. The Kooks I know and really like. Klaxon is pretty cool too and appears to be wildly popular, though I've never heard of them.

rob: I have some Thin Lizzy here and kicked it hard -- I'll have to find the other stuff.

raoul: STP has "Interstate Love Song" on their MySpace dealio, so I kicked it over there. Talk about flashbacks!

As for the photo: Ah, yes, those were some fun times for sure. It was always a blast when you came to Mo-town.

zee: My favorite Metallica album, too, no question. Cheap Trick, eh? Kicking "In the Street" right ... now.

raoul: Ah, yes, Cheap Trick at the armory. That was big stuff! Didn't we smoke Swisher Sweets and drink Mountain Dew before that show? We were hard-core, man.

anon: Can ... these guys are new to me. I encourage everyone to watch this video. When the old dude starting juggling umbrellas I started looking for fan-club info. As for the drums ... hmmm. Maybe I just don't know enough about drums, but I'm afraid Jaki's skill is escaping me.

spooge: Yep, you were at the show. I think you brought the Sweets. And the Fiero. That bitchin' Fiero. And Vixen was indeed the opener. Primus? I like 'em okay. I don't question their skill, though.

anon: Yes, I was a long-hair, indeed. I was playing a lot of music at the time, too, though it wasn't nearly as interesting as what the boys in Can were playing.

g2thelow: Sissy's girl has an awesome voice. Super basic, strumming folk music.

SleekPelt said...

dm: I'll kick some Bad Religion after Schuyler Fisk, and perhaps some Say Anything after that.

Raoul Duke said...

spooge: corrupting us with the Swishers. Give me a couple of years from then and I was splitting them and rolling them again ;) Remember when you worked for Vito's for a week. man, i love that pizza.

DM: that Circle Six show ruled my face. So did that four footer.
I just got into Scrubs when I was at home after Sage was born. I think I have packed in 50 episodes in the last 4 months. What a clever clever show. Dr. Cox is the best.


spooge said...

swisher's w/ the plastic tips. those were kinda like training wheels for the real deal...knowwhatimsayin'?

i worked at Vito's all summer. he was really glad when the summer was over. so was i.

i remember when DC from November Tribe brought over his six footer. next thing i know, we're all standing out on the porch of the greenhouse, looking at 4 UFO's flying around concentrically over Mo-town.

good times, good times...

josh williams said...

Yes been a little busy myself, to later for the Friday line up, next week maybe. I noticed today is June. A month named after the man in blacks final bride.

Clash said...

Sorry, Sleek...I was sleeping this week.

The hair pic was classic!

Welcome, Langers.

Zee said...

Spooge, DC from November Tribe used to be DC from tge Groove Tubes...way back in the good 'ol, OLD days. I tried to track him down a while ago unsuccessfully. Anyone have a clue where he might be?

RD & DM: I also got into Scrubs only recently due to the Comedy Central re-runs. Terrific show. Clever as hell. Great writers.

Zee said...

One more thing, Sleek:

Remember These guys? Turns out, of all the bands in the whole wide world to be featured on Gibson's official Myspace page, they're one of them!

getto said...

I have to agree that Scrubs is a great show. I have not laughed at prime time TV since Seinfeld. Scrubs makes me want to be a doctor- well, accept for the fact that my nurse wife says it really isn't like that at the hospital.

SleekPelt said...

No sweat, guys, there's always this Friday. I'll start with The Man in Black and his final bride.

Zee: Yep, I still listed to those guys. It is pretty crazy that Gibson's featuring them front and center -- I mean, there are some slightly better known guitar players using Gibsons.

As for Scrubs, the season finale was great, but I really think the show used to be better than it is now. But The Office? I think it's the funniest show on TV.

Zee said...

Sgreed Sleek. The Office is HANDS DOWN the funniest show on TV. Its been years since I had a sitcom that I could not miss. And if I do, I spend the money to download it on itunes. So so so funny.

getto said...

I have the first season of The Office on DVD and have caught a few episodes on the tele. Frankly I just don't see it as being THAT funny. But then again I didn't like "Raising Arizona" either. I might have a comedic malfunction.

Bamboo Poon said...

Good lard, Dahmer's Lunchbox has finally hit the Interweb in this here weblog. Well, eff it. That only means one thing... time for some new tunes. It's all gonna be in memory of Joey Jo-Jo Junior Johnson. Hell, we won't even need a drummer this time around. Hey Ham Sandwich, interested in a reunion show in Sunnyside? Those hippies won't even know what hit 'em...

Bamboo Poon said...

...and I *am* going to cry, thinking about Mama G. Oh how I miss that crazy old bat and her damn cheese steaks.

SleekPelt said...

bamboo poon: What a pleasure to see you here on RtN, welcome!

It's true, the hippies wouldn't know what hit 'em. You got your bread, you got your butter, you got your lettuce, you got your may-o-nnaise.