Reversing the Numbness

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Video Vault

"Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats -- a huge video on MTV in the early '80s. I just watched it for the first time in a long and was surprised to see the dude go all Ren McCormick on that medieval village. I guess I don't remember it as well as I thought I did.

Speaking of Ren McCormick ... this one's for the ladies.

If you just can't wait, fast-forward to 2:30 on that one to see one skinny j breakin'.


getto said...

Dude, You just got me out of my seat. I'm shaking like Chris Penn at the beginning of the dance! Love your choices of video-both classics.

~d said...

You can dance where you want can leave your friends behind, cuz your friends dont dance and if they dont dance then they're no friends of mine


SleekPelt said...

geto boy: Glad you enjoyed them, pal.

~d: My favorite dance is called the pinky-toe tap, and I will definitely do it where I want to. Good morning to you too!

olives and more said...

So, Sleek when is the dance party??????

Matthes said...

Men Without Hats. Where are they from? Hmmmmm....let me guess....CANADA!!

This is my second favorite MWH song, I like the one that came out around 88 or so called "Pop Goes The World".

Clash said...

I know them both well.....too well!

Good times, Sleek.

spooge said...

well played old chap....well played indeed!

SleekPelt said...

olive: The next time you come in! It's going to be a dance/karaoke party, though, so get your pipes ready.

matthes: Not sure that other MWH song hit the States.

clash: If you'd moved to a town that outlawed dancing when you were a teenager, I have no doubts that you would have turned that town around (with your feet) as well.

spooge: Thanks ... if you're talking to me!

Rob Zero said...

My favorite thing about the climatic scene of Footloose is the special effect confetti that falls through the entire sequence, yet the floor barely has a coat.

Because of my wife, I've seen this movie way more than any man should.

Melissavina said...

You know what's a real travesty? I'm a dancing machine and I've never seen Footloose aside from bits and pieces here and there. I mean, what's wrong with the world? But those bits and pieces make me crazy happy.

I think that should just be my "thing." I'm the one person who's never seen Footloose. I'm unique! I'm special. My mom was right.

SleekPelt said...

rob: Not to mention how they're all mega dance stars despite that fact that nobody in town has danced in years.

melissavina: Idaknow, Melissavina -- you'll be unique and special even if you watch Footloose. Really, you should remedy this. Everybody cut footloose, not just some!

Matthes said...

Here you go Sleek-just imagine constant keyboards in the background.

Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World lyrics

Johnny played guitar, Jenny played bass.
Name of the band is The Human Race.
Everybody tell me have you heard? Pop goes the world.

Jenny played keyboard, Johnny played drums,
Called Little Baby and a big Bonhomme
Everybody tell me have you heard? Pop Goes The World.

It goes something like this: (p p p pop)

Johnny and Jenny had a crazy dream,
See their pictures in a magazine.
Every little boy needs a girl.
Pop Goes The World.

Jenny and Johnny getting smart (it seems)
Made more money on a movie screen.
Every little nest needs a bird.
Pop Goes The World.

One two three and four is five,
Everybody here is a friend of mine.
Whatever happened to the Duke of Earl?
Pop Goes The World.

Six seven eight and nine is ten,
Send Al Gunn to see the doctor (Ben)
Say what planet are we on? The third!
Pop Goes The World.

And Every time I wonder where the world went wrong,
End up lying on my face going ringy dingy ding dong

And every time I wonder if the world is right,
End up in some disco dancin' all night & day.

Johnny played guitar, Jenny played bass,
Name of the band is The Human Race.
Everybody tell me have you heard? Pop Goes The World.

Johnny played guitar, Jenny played bass,
Ain't nobody couldn't take their place.
Everybody tell me have you heard? Pop Goes The World....

The Dalai Mama said...

olives: We must try to top the dancing that we did at the hotel on the Friday night before MXoN. It will require drinks. Lots of 'em. Strong ones.

As for the dancing kids on the Footloose clip...These kids have been forbidden to dance their whole lives. I'm thinkin' there was some sinnin' going on behind closed bedroom doors!

Getto: I would LOVE to see you dancing like Chris Penn in that freaking clip. IT MUST HAPPEN!

Matthes: I can only "hear" those lyrics to the tune of "Shooting Star" by Bad Company. Weird.

getto said...

DM- dancing like a complete jackass is my gift.
Sleeky- HOW do you, music afficianado, not know "Pop Goes the World?" Hell, I don't much care for Canada, but even I know that song.;)

getto said...

"Footloose" was on CMT last night. I was surprised at how bad that movie actually is. Except for the dance at the end anyway. Oh yea, and the tractor showdown.

Zee said...

As usual, I;m a little late on this post. Melissavina, sorry..I havn't seen FL in its entirety either. I have seen the end, though.