Reversing the Numbness

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hangin' With The Kindershorty

Having two shorties is great, but once you've have two shorties for a while, it's a real treat to get some quality time with one of them. The DM is off to Virginia to get her hair chopped off, and she took the young shorty with her, so I got to spend the afternoon and evening with the kindershorty. Here she is:

Isn't she a little sweet pea? She was at my office for hours, waiting patiently as we pushed to finish a book by deadline. (We did it. Nice work, J-Ko and Hoop.) Then we went downtown and had ice cream cones with sprinkles (her) and crunchies (me) while walking down High Street and talking about things and people we saw. We sang "Country Roads" almost the entire ride home, then after she aced her sight words (homework in kindergarten!), we went upstairs and did somersaults onto the bed. I'm officially old now that I get dizzy from doing somersaults.

She asked if she could go to sleep in our room tonight, and I of course let her. We read a book about Little Bear, then talked about the imaginary Cloud Town we started inventing last night when she couldn't get the image of Big John's ghost out of her head and was afraid she'd have "terrible dreams." We turned the light off and I sang "Wonderful Tonight" and the theme song of Cheers to her. I have no idea where that one came from. She fell asleep and I made it downstairs about a minute before kickoff.

What an awesome night.


Clash said...

Having two tricycle-motors myself, I can certainly appreciate your day. I just wish mine were still that little.

I’m sure they already realize it Sleek, but they have a cool ass mom and dad. :)

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Cute kid. Just think what awesome grandparents you'll be one day. Respect. Raising children is the hardest job on the planet.

Kristen Hovet said...

super cute. i have a shorty. he's six. and you like incredible movies, if i do say so myself. thanks for stopping by with one of the best comments i've received! hope you come back soon!!!

olives and more said...

Sounds like an awesome time. I know what you mean about getting the opportunity to share quality time with only one of the two kids. It's a real treat for both parent and child.

As for getting dizzy, I can barely swing on a swing without getting motion sickness.

And it is great that you made it for kickoff...perfect timing.

well, can't wait to see Susan hair...probably this weekend!

SleekPelt said...

clash: You've mentioned wishing your kids were still little to me before, and it made me not take them for granted for a bit. It worked again this time. And thanks for the compliment!

teoh: Thanks, Teoh. We're doing our best to raise a couple of caring, open-minded humans. They're half-psycho, of course, but they're also pretty sweet.

kristen hovet: Welcome, Kristen! You have exquisite tastes too. And let's not forget books. I will defnitely be back -- you've been Bloglined.

Hattica said...

Wow, man. I can't imagine anything in the world that would be as cool as your evening last night. You're a lucky dude.

Zee said...

Man, I sincerely hope I can be as good a parent.

..Big John's Ghost?? Who is Big John, how did he die, and why does your daughter consider his spirit to be malevolent?

josh williams said...

Sounds like a fine childhood...Boy when I raised toilets, whoa! It was pretty touch and go for awhile and hes 4 years older than I am, that little monster did run amok...Now he is a big monster and still running amok...I question my parenting skills.

CHUD said...

That is an awesome post, man. I really think that many years from now, when laying on your deathbed as an old man, these are the moments that define the quality of your life. Enjoy every minute, old friend. They grow so fast. Wonderful Tonight and Cheers. Priceless.

Raoul Duke said...

you and the DM are such positive examples of parents. You two certainly have helped me look at things in that light from getting into the whole game to treasuring every minute. Sure glad there are folks like you two in this world.


Sleek, perhaps someday your daughter will be writing Ode to Bryan poems ;)

The Dalai Mama said...

sleek: Awwwwww. I'm glad you and the girl shorty had a good time. I got real lucky. The little shorty wanted to sleep with Ma and Poppy, so I got to sleep in a bed ALL BY MYSELF!

josh: OMFG! We must arrange to meet in real life SOON!

zee: There is no doubt in my mind that you'll be a fantastic parent. You and your shorties can wear matching superhero PJs!

SleekPelt said...

olive: We have a full bottle of Patron Silver awaiting your arrival.

hattica: Yep, a great night.

zee: There's a drawing in Telltale Lilac Bush of one guy chopping another guy's head off with a sickle, and the kids think the guy getting killed is Big John. The violent death probably makes the kids think the ghost is angry.

josh: Ha! I miss Mom -- where is he?

SleekPelt said...

chud: Thanks! I agree with you on the death-bed thing, though I think some of the moments we had in Sunnyside back in the day will be there at the end, too!

rd: She what? Don't be bringin' up the Odes! (Thanks, brother.)

dm: We missed you though!

getto said...

HEY- where was the Patron the other night? You were holding back, $%#^$@!
Oh yeah, and ditto what Chud and RD said.