Reversing the Numbness

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

I'll start the day with some B-boys in the DM's honor -- happy birthday! -- then I'll move into those lovable Canadian twins, Tegan and Sarah.

What next?


Zee said...

hmmmm...I get first crack this time. Go ahead and listen to The Breeders' Title TK. I really enjoy most of that album.

Valyna said...


I'm watching ER right now and can't hunt down any music just yet... but I'll try to get back at you later :)

*spankings for the Mrs ;)

Clash said...
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Clash said...

Springsteen : Radio Nowhere

The Cult: She Sells Sanctuary

Beatles : Let It Be

Interpol: Evil

Rob Zero said...

I second Clash's Springsteen recommendation. However, I suggest "Highway Patrolman" and "Johnny 99" from the Nebraska record.

Hattica said...

Read an interview with Tegan and Sarah - interesting chicks.

Mad Season: November Hotel
Moby: My weakness
Animals: House of rising sun
Cash: Man in Black
TOOL: disposition

Anonymous said...

Black Oak Arkansas - Hot & Nasty


SleekPelt said...

It's been a fine yet small selection of music today, and I got through much of it, but I won't be able to comment more specifically until later. There's a birthday to celebrate up in this joint.

Melissavina said...

Happy Birthday D.M.!
I hope you're doing and drinking good stuff tonight!

Today I suggest songs inspired by Wes Anderson:

Rolling Stones: I Am Waiting
The Proclaimers: Over and Done With
The Faces: Ooh La La
Nico: These Days

I love this crap... it's what I'm usually listening to.

Josh said...

How about since I am always missing this portion of Friday Bobby Conn Fridays, nothing but Bobbys library of music and maybe some covers of his best hits, maybe a comeback with current artists playing with him...Bobby Conn Fridays...Just thinkin'

~d said...

(WHOOPS!) I'll be back with music, yo!

This is for DM: Happy, happy!

and this!

Clash said...

The Beatles reference was in preparation to see Across the Universe this weekend. Coo coo ca choo.

Valyna said...

Sorry it's a bit late... Friday got busy.

Hope the DM's b-day was a great one!!!

Here are few goodies that I love to nibble on from time to time:

Morphine - Early To Bed

The Donnas - Take It Off

Otis Redding - A Change Is Gonna Come

Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey

Kings Of Leon - Mollys Chambers

Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

Muse - Hysteria

Toby Lightman - My Sweet Song

My Morning Jacket - Phone Went West

Portishead - Glory Box

Sister Hazel - Your Winter

Youth Group - Daisychains

Susan Tedeschi - It Hurt So Bad

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

The Mars Volta - The Widow

John West - One Way Conversation

Mmmkay... that should cover a few of the Fridays I've missed ;)

Have a great weekend!!

Valyna said...

p.s. Sorry about the quality of the Sister Hazel vid. It was difficult to find anything decent on that song :/

~d said...

My music, yo, is where my heads at!

SO! Today I got:
Gap Band!


CRAP! Youtube not cooperating.
I am TRYING to tell you: Ministry's Stigmata. Flippin youtube effing up my groove! HAHAHA

~d said...

The Jesus and Mary Chain! What a super choice, Val!!

The Dalai Mama said...

I just wanted to say thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys rock. I had a nice, low-key birthday. Drank some Newcastle Browns.

SleekPelt said...

zee: As always, Title TK was nice. I also spun The Pixies' Surf Rosa a bit later.

clash: Great selection. I loved listening to "Let it Be," and I can't wait to see that movie. As for the Cult -- what a unique band. It's like they straddled the very wide line between college rock and cock rock. Not sure how they pulled that off, but they did. As for interpol -- you know, I've tried, but they just don't do much for me.

rob: I have "Johnny 99" on a live CD of Bruce's and enjoyed this spin.

hattica: I hit them all up but the Animals song, which I don't seem to have and can't find in your iTunes. I don't like Moby much, I'm afraid, but I really liked this song of his. Maybe I need to give him another chance. Mad Season is new to me and I was impressed by that song.

anon: If that's not rock 'n' roll, I don't know what is. I bet those guys partied backstage.

melissavina: I could only find a Lindsey Buckingham cover of "I Am Waiting," and I'm glad I did, because it rocks. I had no luck with the Proclaimers song, but I queued up Nico and Rod with no problems and enjoyed both. I too love Wes Anderson. Rushmore is my favorite of his movies, at least of the ones I've seen. I liked that you had a theme to your choices. Thanks for the suggestions!

josh: Bobby Conn. You know how to make a guy's day better, pal.

SleekPelt said...

valyna: Wow, what a list! Thanks for all the effort, I really appreciate it. I'll start with the stuff I'm familiar with: Morphine -- love these guys and this song, bummer about the dying-on-stage thing; The Donnas -- I dig these girls; Otis -- so much soul, I just started getting into him recently; Jesus and Mary Chain -- the DM and I love 'em!; Kings of Leon -- not my favorite band, but I keep trying; Cinderella -- I didn't realize how much I missed these guys. I guess you don't know what you got till it's gone; Muse -- always thought they were Radiohead-esque, but it doesn't make me like them less. Killer band; MMJ -- the soundtrack to our son's birth. This band is near the top of my list of bands I want to see live. I have their newish live CD and it's insanely good. Great video and great sound quality on this one; Portishead -- one of the songs I'm most familiar with by them, the DM digs this group; The Mars Volta -- they shocked me on Henry Rollins' show. I haven't really liked a lot of the stuff I've heard, but I think this is the best of it, I really like this one; John West -- somebody suggested this dude to me on a very early Friday Music post, I believe. He's not bad.

Now the stuff I wasn't familiar with: Toby Lightman -- I expected a dude. The woman has pipes. Sister Hazel -- like you said, bad recording, so it's kinda hard to get a good feel for them. I'll look for more; Youthgroup -- nice song, reminds me a little of folk singer Donovan but with an electric guitar; Susan Tedeschi -- wow, this woman really has pipes. Move over Bonnie Raitt; Bikini Kill -- KILLER video, lots of attitude, at a song called "Rebel Girl" should have. I really appreciate how much time you put into this, thanks again!

~d: The Gap Band! is classic and funny, but that Ministry song? Wow! This is one of those rainy-day bands I knew I'd get into one day. They just skyrocketed to the top of that list.

dm: Those Newcastles were good, but the ghost stories were even better.

josh williams said...

Bobby Conn sez every day is fridays