Reversing the Numbness

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


It's NFL Eve and I'm starting to get excited. (In the meantime, Roddick vs. Federer will do.)

Go Steelers!


Raoul Duke said...

i will give an amen to both of those. have really been enjoying the US Open. The Nadal / Ferrer match was sick.

wheatgerm said...

Go Browns!!!

Fleming said...

Go Bills!

Fleming said...

let's see your opening day Fantasy starters. I have ...

QB Manning
RB Jones-Drew
RB M. Lynch
RB/WR D. Branch
WR Fitzgerald
WR L. Evans
TE Crumpler
D/ST Bills
K Wilkins

... and, yes, I am a homer.

SleekPelt said...

raoul: Roddick played his butt off, but Federer is just too good. He's the best I've ever seen.

wheatgerm: Welcome! Those are brave words to come to the door with around these parts, though. I'll just quote for you a little line I read on "A new football season is upon us, and everyone is tied for first place… even the Cleveland Browns. Of course, the Browns are tied for last as well."

fleming: Now that's just silly. J.P. Loseman? All he can do is lose, man!

My team is thus, and remember, we actually have a good scoring system, unlike 95 percent of the country:

QB: Ben Roethlisberger
RB: Frank Gore
RB: Willie Parker
WR: Roy Williams
WR: Andre Johnson
WR: Laverneus Coles
K: Matt Stover
D: Panthers
Bonus: Alex Smith

In a RB league, it would pretty much be impossible to have Gore and Parker on the same team.

So, yeah, I'm pretty much living and dying with the Steelers and 49ers.

tine b said...

I have no idea what you're talking about. yet, Wheatgerm usually has my sympathy because he writes cool comments on my blog and he uses my last name in direct translation in his comment, so I'll repeat, call it quote and elaborate, Go Browns!!! Especially Tine Brown!!! Go girl!!! (???)

Anyway, what is this? soccer? football?

And I'm going to stop pretending. Than research project about the funniest joke in the world was funded by me. I paid the British scientists. I'm quite happy with the result, I know it's fucked up, but it's my sense of humor. What can I do? Hunters killing not for fun while trying to think as fast as dyed blonde topmodels and old poodles is the epitome of my sense of humor. No more pretending. Cracks me up. Admit it, Sleekpelt, you smiled? No? A little? Briefly?

josh williams said...

Living in the Colts corral I really dont follow the stick and ball sports. I need to put my head in one of those machines that measure brain activity and see if there is an inactive area...(enormous I suspect)

SleekPelt said...

tine bruun: Yeah, we're talking about American Football. And I admit, not only did I laugh at your explanation, but also at the original joke as posted on your blog. As for hair dye, I've yet to see blonde-in-a-box that can rival tennis legend Boris Becker's eyelashes. Just sayin'.

josh: You mean one of these machines?

josh williams said...

Now that is one funny damn machine!

getto said...

Go Donkeys!
Yea, I got Manning as my QB, too. But Roethisberger????? What up, G.?

SleekPelt said...

geto boy: I prefer to draft players who will have good stats this year, as opposed to last year. That's why I have Big Ben on my squad. You'll see....

getto said...
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getto said...

You are the man, and I trust your instincts. I hope for the sake of the Steelers, Ben shows up to play this year.
Here's who I have this week in my league:
Manning, Peyton QB IND
Betts, Ladell RB WAS
McAllister, Deuce RB NO
Harrison, Marvin WR IND
Muhammad, Muhsin WR CHI
Gates, Antonio TE SD
Gould, Robbie K CHI
I love the Manning-Harrison combo- although this week I would have preferred to have had Reggie Wayne.