Reversing the Numbness

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

I just found out that Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are coming to Pittsburgh together in October. While I probably won't be able to make the show, I'm going to start my day off listening to these fine gentlemen. Then I believe I have some stuff from last week to catch up on.

After that? You tell me.


Rob Zero said...

Sonics' "Boom"... early 60s Pacific Northwest rock and fuckin' roll.

Clash said...

I lost a dear friend to a heroin overdose seven years ago today. This song speaks to me in a special way.

K’s Choice: Not an Addict

Matt A said...

Lat week I was late, because I did it on Friday, but you wanted them on Thursday. I don't know if you ever tried any of it, but here it all is again.

I forgot about this until the other day. I don’t like these so and so vs. so and so mixes normally, but this one works, kind of.

And your Chris Cornell reference reminded me of that great cover of Black Hole Sun off the Longe-a-Palooza CD.

For an 80s kickback, I think this song was written about the Reagan - Thatcher administrations. It makes as much sense now.

Then spin some Kirsty Maccoll - you must have some?

Finally the lunatics in the GO! Team have a new single out…

SleekPelt said...

josh: I checked out Leo Kottke's "Louise" -- nice stuff.

hattica: I went through all of that stuff in your iTunes last Friday. I'd forgotten about that Scorpions song.

anon: Giant Panda definitely has that old-school Bob vibe. I've heard of these guys before but can't remember ever listening to them.

mattucks: Tapes 'n Tapes was okay on first listen -- I'll give 'em another chance later.

mom: That'll take some digging, and I don't have time today, but I'll try this weekend.

raoul: I remember that Pete Yorn had a big hit at one point. Checked out his MySpace dealio and he sounds good -- I particularly like "Shampoo." The live track didn't do much for me.

anon: Dispatch -- very cool. That's some fast singing, like if Eminem went on stage with Phish or something.

matt a: Freelance Hellraiser -- wow, that's unexpected. These types of blends must be bigger in the UK than they are here. Or else I'm just out of touch. That Loungapalooza thing always creeps me out. Not too sure about that Fun Boy Three group. Kirsty MacColl -- I love "Fairy Tale of New York." Classic song. Killed by a speed boat is harsh.

SleekPelt said...

rob: Not finding Sonics' "Boom."

clash: Sorry for your loss, pal. I know stuff like that gets a bit easier with time, but it sure never goes away. I always liked this song.

matt a: The Go Team! = whacky stuff. I like, and I think my kids would too.

Anonymous said...

Try some of this GOOD stuff:

Beastie Boys - Off The Grid

Spoon - Don't You Evah

Sonic Youth - Sugarkane

Editors - Smoking Outside Hospital Doors

SleekPelt said...

anon: All good suggestions, thanks. I'm always down with instrumental B-Boys, and I love that new Spoon album. That little Peeps think in the Spoon video was cracking me up. (They could make kids' cartoons with those things, kinda like the Smurfs, where they all look the same except for one distinguishing characteristic -- like, Papal Peep could be running a collar or something.) I like both Social D. and Editors, but I need to listen to more.

SleekPelt said...

anon and anyone else who might care: For an interesting and possibly extremely good listen (I'm only two songs in but impressed so far), check out the latest London Book of the Dead album. You can stream the entire album for free here. Let me know what you think, if you're so moved. There's some Eastern European flair, some banjo, some Eelsish stuff -- and that's only a couple of songs in.

SleekPelt said...

Okay, now they're tapping into the same ragtime/oldtime stuff The Elected got into.

Matt A, you know these guys?

olives and more said... i go

check The Holloways "generator",

it is my myspace profile song, i've been diggin it. It goes with your previous post about singing with an accent, well you def here theirs

The Avett Brothers, "will you return"

The Shins., "New Slang"

and how about some Cake, i love cake!

SleekPelt said...

olive: Finally! Welcome. The Holloways song is cool -- makes me feel like doing the hand-jive. I love the Avett Brothers, and this is a killer song. Just found a live performance on YouTube from Pittsburgh. The Shins are sort of hit and miss with me, but this is one of my favorite songs. Didn't change my life, though, like Natalie promised it would. Cake rules and I'm going to kick "Satan Is My Motor" momentarily. Great suggestions!

Matthes said...

Matthew Good-A Canadian guy that Little E loves. Which should excite hattica to the point of passing out.

Apperitions, Load me up and Hello Time Bomb are 3 goodies.

Matt A said...

Bryan. I don't know them but it's interesting stuff for sure. I need to find some time which I can invest in checking it out a bit more.