Reversing the Numbness

Friday, September 14, 2007

Me! Me!

I've been tagged. I've never done one of these things, but since Josh is responsible, I'm game.

DISCLAIMER: If I tag you and you don't want to do it, you won't have bad luck, you won't lose money, your face won't melt, your computer won't die, and God will still love you. In other words, no pressure.

Here are the rules:

1) Post these rules before you give your facts

2) List 8 random facts about yourself

3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them

4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they've been tagged

So here goes, my first meme. (Turns out "meme" doesn't mean "Me! Me!" like I thought it did. Go figure.)

1. I like to eat cheese in really small bites. Except bleu cheese, which I prefer to eat in no bites.

2. I was once beat up by a mob of fraternity boys on Halloween night. They were all in costume. I didn't know them; I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was grossly outnumbered and was kicked in the head a number of times. It didn't hurt that bad.

3. The first concert I ever saw was Donny Iris at the Robinson Grand Theatre in Clarksburg, WV. "Love will rock you. Never stop you. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Love is like a rock!" He did this big shtick on stage where he talked about getting sand kicked in his face in front of his girl at the beach back in the day, so he used it as motivation, went to the gym, did his push-ups, and finally he got the last laugh on the bullies. But I thought he still looked skinny as shit.

4. When I was in the third grade, I thought Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" was the worst song I'd ever heard. I remember thinking I was going to vomit one time when I heard it. My teacher that year was Mr. Beech, and he wore his watch with the face on the inside of his wrist. That bugged me.

5. I'm a decent juggler, and I can juggle three of just about anything I can handle, i.e. a basketball, a whiffle ball bat, and a tennis ball. If I'm juggling something soft I like to mix in hackey-sack tricks. If I'm juggling something edible I like to eat it while juggling it. Unless I'm juggling some kind of animal. Unless it's a fish. Speaking of which....

6. When I was in college I had a pet piranha named Roach. I actually had two for a short time, but apparently Roach didn't like Grady much. I wrote a series of poems about him and put them in a collection called My Pet Roach. It was all pretty much random, just like the urge to go get a piranha was.

7. I can blink my way through time, but only forward.

8. I liked Bjork even more after she wore that swan dress. I personally wear very boring clothing, but I really like when other people wear crazy, truly original stuff. The swan dress qualifies.

Now the tough part: who to tag. The problem is that most of the people who comment here on RtN don't actually have blogs. I'll do the best I can, though.

1. My Mule. Yes, Josh, I'm tagging you back. However, instead of having to answer all eight questions and tagging eight more people, you just need to write a haiku about how great the Pittsburgh Steelers are. That's five syllables, the seven, then five. Of course I broke the rules of this meme, so feel free to break the rules of the haiku.

2. Random Bite Marks. Sorry if you've already done this little meme, Valyna, but your answers are always so much fun. Plus, you actually have a blog.

3. Rob Zero. I believe you like lists, Rob, so maybe you'll participate.

4. Mungerphut. You may not have time to do this, Munger, seeing as how you're always reading. Like, apparently, always.

Okay, now I'm going to tag people whose blogs I'm finding randomly based on their excellent taste.

5. Queen of Napville. She likes A Confederacy of Dunces. Need I say more?

Wow, it's harder to find interesting random blogs than I thought. Therefore, I'm going to leave it to five now instead of eight. Wait a second, I can tag people who are contributors of this blog! You guys only have to worry about the second rule. Okay, here we go, the last three:

6. Zee. Tag.

7. Raoul Duke. Tag.

8. The Dalai Mama. Tag.


josh williams said...

Snow in my shoe
Sparrow's nest
Pittsburgh Steelers

--Jack Kerouac (collected in Book of Haikus, Penguin Books, 2003)

I was born a scoff law, I bent the rules,Jack would be proud...I'm done on base!

josh williams said...

A fine tag, so I tag you back before you reach base. What you must do is answer this....What is your 77th favorite song. Kind Regards JW

~d said...

I am here looking for..(sleetpelt?) damn. I forgot (a brother's) name! Josh sent me, yo!
He told me I had to tag you on my tagged by (JWW) thing, yo.
(so, come on over to my place baby! ♫)

~d said...

I only have one random fact so come back on like Sunday evening, yo!

SleekPelt said...

josh: My god, man, that totally amps me up for tomorrow's game. Go Steelers! A fine job, brother.

As for my 77th favorite song, that's easy. Neil Young's "Oh, Lonesome Me."

~d: Welcome! Holy shit, tagged twice in three days? But you're tagging me with the same meme Josh tagged us both with, right? This is an incestuous meme If I've ever seen one. But I'm game -- I'll head on over to your blog on Sunday night to see what's up. If I simply can't contain myself, I'll read some of your old posts in the meantime.

Go Steelers!

SleekPelt said...

Oh, and ~d, my friends call me Sleek.

Raoul Duke said...

Onions are my food nemesis. I HATE them. I will pick them out of food if visible and when having to get them for my girl in a grocery store will cover my hand with the plastic bag, pick it up and invert it so as not to have to touch it.

I think crossover country music on rock stations is the biggest musical atrocity ever.

I desperately wanted to name my brother Chico when I was 3. Atleast Chad got the "Ch".

The voice of the old lady in Poltergeist still freaks me out. "Come to the light Carol Ann".

I love Clarksburg Italian bakeries so much, I have pepperoni rolls and pizza shells overnighted to CA.

When I am in a car, I still make wishes by lifting my feet at railroad tracks and kissing my fingers and touching them to the roof when going through a yellow light.

I gave up a 3 times a week McDonald's habit. It has been 4 months. I hope never to eat there again.

I bet the smell of Tia Maria Mint Coffee Liquor could still make Sleek and me vomit.

The Dalai Mama said...

RD: The onion thing is freakish. We use about 6 onions a week in our house. As for Mickey D's...If you haven't read Fast Food Nation, I suggest it. It will cure you of all fast food. Well, I still eat a veggie sub from Subway every now and then. I've been know to get the kids a fast food shake every now and then too. Congrats on your 4 months though! That crap is tough to overcome.

I'll be back later to do my random info. Must think about it.

The Dalai Mama said...

RD: I started thinking about all the awesome, healthy food I make, and how you couldn't eat ANY of it. You couldn't eat my veggie fajitas, vegetable soup, vegetarian chili, bean burgers, veggie sloppy joes, pasta pomadoro, honey-baked lentils, veggie stir-fry, potato soup, etc. DAMN!

I do remember you ordering burgers at McD's and emphasizing MEAT, CHEESE, BUN!

Raoul Duke said...

DM: C's mouth is watering as I read your list of foods. I hope to someday get there. I am working not to be a bad example for Sage. I am not proud of being the pickiest eater on the planet, it is a curse. I have agreed to let C make stir fry for dinner next week. Wish us both luck.

ps. Meat, cheese, bun is the only way to order a cheeseburger when eating fast food. They have to make it special, so it is fresher. I still eat burgers from time to time, but I drive out of my way to eat IN and OUT burger. They make theirs fresh with no chemed out crap. The line of cars is liteally around 20 or so, i kid you not. Donny makes a reference to it in the Big Lebowski. YUMMY!

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

First I want to thank every one but Josh for leaving me out of this game of tag.
I don't know how you all keep such nice and sweet dispositions.
Josh tagged me and put me through the roof! I wrote him hate mail for a week, then he had a birth day (and a big one at that) so I let up on him.
Thanks all, I'll just sit on the bench this game.

Mungerphut said...

aw'ight, aw'ight, aw'ight.

Valyna said...

AWWWWWW!! You've tagged me!! My first official tagging, hehe.

I played along like a good sport. =)

I eat cheese in daily bites... I have cheese every single day - LOVE that stuff. It's my crack, I swear. I'm surprised I'm not the size of a house.

So, what were the asshole frat bastards dressed up as on Halloween? I would guess douches, but I doubt one could fight wearing a douche costume.

Lastly, I've always liked Bjork :)

~d said...

Hiya Sleek

JWW made me do it!
He did!
I totally heart Valyna!
and I LOVE her answers!

Ummm. I dig cheese, as well. I have been on a major cheese and (wheat thin) kick.
*When I was in 3rd grade some girl brought Pat Benetar's Hit me with your best shot (to school, on 45)
I juggle inanimate things.
I had a fighting fish named Vinnie.

So. Nice to meet you, yo.


SleekPelt said...

rd: I eat onions on cereal. I eat onions on bananas. I eat onions on onions. And yes, Tia Maria would still make me vomit. If only someone in our neighborhood would have answered our drunken cries for more alcohol as we trolled the streets, we wouldn't have been forced to endure that. I had a three-year hangover after that. Great list, thanks for playing, pal.

dm: You're becoming a regular Rachel Ray up in this place!

mom: RtN is and will always be completely voluntary. I'm just glad you still stop by!

munger: You're a damn fine sport.

valyna: You're a damn fine sport, too! Looking forward to reading your list shortly. As for the frat boys (Phi Psi to be exact), I can't remember what anyone was wearing, to be honest, but I think they were in fact all wearing douche costumes. That's what I saw anyway. My brother was the only other person to get beat up, though, and he was dressed like a woman. The great thing about this was that the police were called and as the frat boys retreated, one climbed a fence and a police officer grabbed his shirt off of him. He got away, but his driver's license was in his shirt pocket.

~d: Nice to meet you to. Any friend of Josh's is a friend of mine. I'll honor your tag tonight after I've thought of eight more things. And you may have had a fighting fish, but my money would have been on Roach. That sweet, cuddly little killer.

Mungerphut said...

I actually kinda enjoyed it. I am not sure if I could come up with 8 more interesting things. I would have to start making things up. Or, making *more* things up.

~d said...

If I simply can't contain myself, I'll read some of your old posts in the meantime.

(there are so many (contributors) on this blog...I don't know what is you and what isn't you.)
Feel free to help a (sister) out, yo.


SleekPelt said...

munger: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

~d: There are a bunch of contributors, but I've made almost every post. It's my blog and my non-blogging peeps post something up every now and then. If it says "posted by Sleekpelt" at the bottom of the post, 'tis moi.

Okay, ~d, I'll live up to my tag and post eight more things.

1. A few years ago I jumped off a cliff with 1975 500cc Supercross champion Steve Stackable. (We were attached to a hang-glider.)

2. Once, about ten years ago, I was hiking bare-footed along the Appalachian Trail and I stepped on a large pile of earrings, impaling my right foot in several places.

3. I desperately want to like raw tomatoes.

4. The DM and I got married in a courtyard in New Orleans. The night before the wedding we saw this woman named Denise Marie playing in a bar and my father-in-law hired her to play at our wedding. Seven people were in attendance.

5. I think I'm getting sick.

6. You can have our TV, but I'll fight to the death to keep my heated mattress pad.

7. I'm a beer snob.

8. I make motorcycle magazines for a living.

I don't know eight more people to tag, so I'm going to leave it at that.

The Dalai Mama said...

Okay, I'll do this meme thing. I'm too lame to have my own blog, so Sleek said I could just do it as a response on his. Seems like cheating to me...

1. I've lived in WV my entire life and have no desire to live anywhere else permanently.

2. I love to cook and bake and really, really wish I could make it a career.

3. I've given birth twice with no pain medication and came out of it thinking, "Wow! That really wasn't too bad." The first one was almost born in the car. The second one was nearly 9 lbs.

4. I've got a degree in Geography which I've never even used in any way, shape or form.

5. On Sundays during football season, I like to stay in my pjs all day and lay around watching any game that is on. (It was more enjoyable before I became a mama. Now I have to peel myself off the couch every 5 minutes to get something for someone.)

6. I'm bridge-phobic.

7. I have a weakness for pastries.

8. If I write any of the other things I'm thinking of, everyone will realize that I'm truly insane.

SleekPelt said...

dm: And you've made Olive bridge-phobic too! Thanks for playing along. (And I can vouch for #8! ;) )

The Dalai Mama said...

Sleek: Here we go again. Communicating via blog while sitting 4 inches apart on the loveseat.

getto said...

#7 MMMMM, donuts!

olives and more said...

DM and Sleek: You guys crack me up....I truly love you guys!!!!!!!!

~d said...

*for real, haha!

Never heard of a heated mattress pad.
*were you really married in New Orleans? I was.
Umm, beer-What is your favorite?
AND...a few weeks ago my (Dad) had emergency (brain) surgery. I brought him an Easy Rider. And a deck of cards.
I heart (bikes).
Thank you for playing, yo.
Have a good day!

Valyna said...

I loathe tomatoes and wish I had a heated mattress pad.

And I'm with DM on the bridge thing... (must be something us Libras have in common!) I just HATE crossing them. I actually did a post a while back on all my weird phobias if you're looking for something to read for breakfast... but you may have already read it. Who knows.

Phobia post

(p.s. Happy early bday to DM!)

SleekPelt said...

olive: Sadly, we crack ourselves up too.

~d: A heated mattress pad wouldn't do much good in New Orleans, I don't think. And yeah, we were married in 1999 by a justice of the peace in the courtyard of this place. I like English and Irish beers the best -- Guinness, being convenient to get, is probably my favorite but I've had good obscure ones too. I love bikes too, especially this one. I hope your pop's emergency brain surgery went extremely well and there's a positive prognosis, truly I do.

valyna: Perhaps you should add one to your fetishry! I remember your phobia post and will revisit it this evening. I believe that may be the first time I ever commented on your blog, actually.

The Dalai Mama said...

Valyna: Your phobia post makes for some interesting reading, and I can relate to most of the phobias you listed. The pic of the bridge actually made my chest feel tight. Yikes! I can never decide if I want to be the one driving when we cross, or if I want to hyperventilate in the passenger's seat. I feel like if I'm doing the driving, I'm in control. KWIM?

Thanks for the early b-day wishes. Back at ya! ;)

~d said...

*Sweet bike. (I suck at knowing what is what...the word Triumph at the top helped). That and my BIL is taking a stab that it is a Bonneville (?).
Dad's first surgery was in Pittsburgh. Hows that for (it's a small world)? It went SO FINE that he was released 2 days AFTER the surgery.
Thanks to Val's comment, I figured out who your wife is!
And I am going to guess that Happy Birthdays are in (store) as well!
Happy, happy, DM and many more!

I saw in your long list of musical interests The Pixies. I thought I would include this: I am the smiling chick in white

SleekPelt said...

~d: BIL got it, it's a Triumph Bonneville. My favorite possession, followed by my heated mattress pad.

The Breeders rule too. Title TK is in regular rotation in my office. I need to add them to my profile, actually. (Cool story, btw!)

~d said...

O happy DAY!
Will you tell me more about Title TK?
I don't understand 'they are in rotation' at your office.

SleekPelt said...

~d: I just mean I have it at work and listen to it a lot there. Mattucks, who posts on my Friday Music posts sometimes, hooked a brother up with it a while back. It's just a simple, honest rock 'n' roll album from 2002, with short songs and even shorter song titles. Lots o' Deal, of course. Good stuff!

disa said...