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Monday, April 30, 2007

Travels with Roscoe

At the suggestion of my buddy Josh Williams, I dropped $3 on a book called Travels with Roscoe by a writer previously unknown to me named Roscoe. I'm just getting to know Josh, but I trust his judgment anyway because I like what he says to people, and $3 is a pretty good deal for a book with a cover like this. Little did I know that the price would soon skyrocket by 33 percent (to $4 all of you Journalism or English majors out there), but I got in while the gettin' was good. Sometimes it really pays to commit to something and act without thinking too much about it.

It took a couple of weeks, but Travels finally arrived today. I immediately read it cover to cover. It's fabulous. It's pure. It's about chimps and assplosions and fishing and belligerent Amish men and jail and Confucius and Steve McQueen and Tequila and Tang and so much more ... but best of all it's about motorcycles. It's about Bob Hannah and Chuck Sun and, again, Steve McQueen. And Travels with Roscoe contains perhaps the most unique description of a motorcycle crash that I've ever read.

I make motorcycle magazines for a living, and we have a reader or two. They're gonna find out about Travels with Roscoe in our August issue. Josh, tell Repair Manual to fire up the presses.

Order this book.


josh williams said...

I agree this is the definitive moto book, however Repair Manual Publishing should be forgiven if they add a dollar or two to the sticker price, printing postage, royalties etc. Repair Manual isn’t making any Jing, Roscoe isn’t either, but this is a classic and I am glad you enjoyed the read, best read before watching "On Any Sunday" two classics married for eternity. Excerpt from a New York Times Review. JWW

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...


Thanks for the kind words about the Roscoe book. I laugh every time I look at it. Roscoe will be excited about seeing it in Racer X, we are getting a note in Trail Rider this month too. Who know's how far we can push Roscoes book. Roscoe thanks you.

josh williams said...

Mom prefers to be called Toilets...

SleekPelt said...

josh: Repair Manual should consider raising the price before Friday afternoon.

toilets: Josh has kindly informed me that you prefer to be called toilets -- apologies for calling you mom all this time. Kudos to Trail Rider, I always liked that magazine.

josh: Thanks for the clarification. You're a good brother.

Anonymous said...

That is the most brilliant, side splitting rendition of a motorcycle crash I have ever read. Realistic to the tee! Swimming with bowlegged women is one of my all-time favorite one liners.

And the black hole reference...holy shit. I vividly remember being sprawled out, half conscience, in a patch of tall prickly, sun cooked field grass with a mind full of physics and secrets of the universe whilst my bike screamed to the heavans with the throttle stuck wide open.

Epic writting.

josh williams said...

In observance of cinco de mayo Travels will be growing in value to $cinco to help cover expense's also cinco is such a beautiful number.

Zee said...

I feel so out-of-the-loop for not having read this. Would someone who knows the same amount about motorcyles and cold fusion also enjoy this?

SleekPelt said...

zee: No motorcycle knowledge is necessary at all! None whatsoever! It's very subtle, the way he included it, which in my opinion was smart of Roscoe. I've seen people try to write books about motocross a million times; this is the first time I've seen one work. That's because this book isn't about motocross, but instead it just includes it a little. Order it!

Anonymous said...

I know of this book, and your fine review just makes me more keen to order it as soon as my credit card gets unblocked, Sleekpelt.

It'll be the second thing I do after paying the rent.

A fine review and a fine book.
Thanks mate.

SleekPelt said...

winters: Thanks, mate, but I'm afraid my review doesn't do this book justice. I struggle to find words, but from Roscoe they flow like hot lava.

If only your creditors had a soul, they'd realize the importance of a roof over your head and nourishment for your soul and your credit card would be unblocked straight away.

josh williams said...

Copied from a post on My Mule this guy knows music and he thinks I tried to connect you with him to sell copies of Travels....Damn I was born for this publicist business...A copy and paste of Sombrero11 comment, hes is good people and knows his tunes....sombrero11 said...

Ok, ok, goddamn it, ok... I purchased a copy of your little book, Williams. But I am using this public forum to let it know that I purchased it under protest.

I object to being charged money for words. Words belong to everybody, Williams, not just those privileged nobility who have four (4) dollars, US, to throw about in a public display of wealth. When I finish reading it, I fully intend to leave it in a tavern or bus station, or porno theater or some other low place where the underclass gathers. There, it will be picked up and handed on, leaving revolution in its wake.

When you are the one with your back to the wall, Williams, don't say I didn't warn you.




ing said...

That Williams kid is a publicist's publicist. I stand amazed.

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

Friday's Music

Check out VH1 Classics, they have a 4 hour documentary on Woodstock. Out freaking standing! Check it out.

They also have a episode on the Grateful Dead, I may have a new favorite channel.

You are welcome


josh williams said...

Mr Sleek an nod to you the publisher has used part of your review in the description of the book...Strong work you cant sue, you did not © so dang, there goes that fortune, but you have your pride and you have your Roscoe...Now I go work and work long day, you all try to make it 12 steps at a time in my absence, I may begone 12 hrs! Kinds regards JW

SleekPelt said...

josh: Thanks for the sombrero11 post. Should we tell him that the words are actually free and that the $4 is actually going toward more Blue Goddess for mom? I like his plans to leave the book for a dreg of humanity; Ignatius would be proud.

ing: Welcome! Josh sure knows his stuff.

mom: I don't have a TV in my office, but I've got two days to make it happen.

josh: It's not the first fortune I've let slip through my fingers, and it probably won't be the last. I don't believe in charging for words anyway -- words belong to everyone, Williams, not just the privileged nobility.

Raoul Duke said...

winters: two words... project mayhem.

let me know when you want to get started.