Reversing the Numbness

Monday, January 15, 2007

Whatever Feels Right

I'm an early morning writer
Sometimes before 7 a.m.
The first thoughts I have
Are so vivid and clear
My coffee is so bitter
I think that it needs more sugar
My hands are not shaking
They will be at noon
That's the opening verse to a song I started writing more than fifteen years ago. Like most of the songs I've started writing, I didn't finish it. (Even the ones I "finished" weren't really finished.) But my buddy Greg, who was in a band called Once Hush, liked the words, and he used them at the beginning of a song called "Whatever Feels Right." I've always been stoked that he took a simple thought that meant something to me one morning a lifetime ago and, instead of letting them die away like most of the other thoughts and experiences I've had, he saved them. Even if the song has been forgotten by most, I still remember it, and I'm sure I always will.

I don't think I could maintain a blog by myself, and I'm not even sure I would want to. But lately I've been wishing I would make note of some of the thoughts and experiences I have in my life--really stop and recognize them--maybe with the hope that doing so will make them last longer than just a fleeting moment. But a journal is no good, because I won't keep it up.

So I'm creating this blog with the hopes that some of my friends will help me. It would be nice to have a place to talk about things that mean something: songs, books, thoughts, experiences -- whatever. Maybe some conversations will ensue as a result. I'll try to share some meaningful stuff that crosses my path, and I hope you'll share the stuff that moves you, that makes you feel. Because I'd like to check it out.

So comment away, and if you ever feel like posting something of your own, just let me know and I'll hook you up with a password. Maybe you can help me finish this song.


Anonymous said...

Good shit. I love the beginning of that song! It's so true - I am a wreck by noon on the coffee.

Eric Lewis said...

Riordan did an excellent job of finishing the lyrics on that song. It's one thing to write a song with someone, and it's another to take an idea, run with it, and keep it true with the original thought. The rest of the lyrics compliment the original idea, and that's what makes it a great song. That and the fact that the bass playing is totally awesome. You guys don't even know.