Reversing the Numbness

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

You know what I want to listen to today? The kind of music you'd expect to hear when you feel like everything is spinning. The kind of music you'd expect to hear in a state of delirium induced by lack of sleep and excess of caffeine.

The kind of music you would think would emanate from an unexpected parade of fantastical creatures through a dreamlike forest world.

So let's make the topic: bizarre.

I have obviously been slack in my responses to suggestions these last two weeks. I think this week, I'll just open the floor up to everyone. It's a Friday Music guest-hosted by all Friday Music regulars. Hopefully you guys will help me respond to suggestions this week.

As always, please post links to all suggestions.


Rob Zero said...

King of The Bizarre (Don't believe me? Wiki him)

The Prince of the Bizarre

Bizarre Video

Bazaar Video


Zee said...

You have no idea how much I love the fact that someone, somewhere, took the time to write this song, record it, and painstakingly edit this video.

This is the stuff off sheer bizarrity. There have been many times throughout my day over the past few months where this tune pops into my head and I can't get it out. Enjoy.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Try this for a sneak peek into my brain this week:
Madonna | Bedtime Story - Let's get unconscious, honey.
Nine Inch Nails | Closer - You are the reason I stay alive.
The Knife | Silent Shout - I caught a glimpse now it haunts me.

Mungerphut said...

I am linkless, pressed by time. But when I think of bizarre, I think of Captain Beefheart, Zappa (you are what you is would be perfect or Uncle Meat), the Residents, and roly poly fish heads.

*dalyn said...

hmmm! well some hate her some LOVE her... i'm right in between of those two but for todays requirement shes perfect... i cant believe TEOH didnt put one up by her! ALL of her videos are works of art wether you like her music or not! have a great weekend Bryan! *d

Bjork - Human Behaviour

Bjork - WANDERLUST just for the video!! [an unexpected parade of fantastical creatures through a dreamlike forest world]

Bjork - All is full of love
beautiful song.

*dalyn said...

my friday music comments:

holy shit zee! i was laughing my ass off through the whole thing! im inspired to make my chubba his own music video... if only i could get him to wake up!

rob zero - love ice cream man! good summer song...

TEOH - i have a dirty part inside me for nine inch nails... shhhhh.... and HELLO. the KNIFE???? enough said. they ROCK.

BRYAN!? where's your links?? are you that tired?? a long week for you prehaps? *d

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this before... but ever since seeing it, it's what plays in my mind (including music and visuals) when lack of sleep and caffeine take over

Here is the link

Oh... and a big 'hi' by the way. Long time no... blog(?).

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Hey dalyn - the first Björk video I ever saw was the one for 'Venus as a Boy' back in '93... when she started rolling that egg around her face, I knew I was hooked!

Shenzi Rubani said...

Happy Friday. great lead Mr. S. Well, I'll go with Marillion. I guess not everyone would agree with associating "bizarre" with Marillion but I have always felt listening to them when it's all spinning, checkered rubber walls and out of control...

click here

Helen Mansfield said...

Before there was just Bjórk, there was the Sugarcubes:


I always thought Fred Schneider of the B52's and Einar Örn Benediktsson of The Sugarcubes should have done an album of duets on their mutual love of lobsters.


Clash said...

rob zero: Great Ramones track! I just watched a BBC special on them and have been spinning their classics all week.

zee: That is too damn funny.

teoh: NIN....yes, please. I remember when that video came out and it is still mucho freaky.

if: Wins hands down!(Welcome back)

Here is some Shakespeare's Sister. Let it roll until the 2:00mark for the bizarro stuff.


Helen Mansfield said...

This is what goes through my head when I'm punch-drunk sleepy:

Julie Cruise's "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart."

Clash said...

Where in the hell is erin? I want to see her choices.

Rob Zero said...


The reason you can't get it out of your head is because YOU WROTE IT!!! I'm onto you.

tüth+gnail said...

Diamanda Galas—Saint of the Pit

Screamin' Jay Hawkins—Constipation Blues

William S. Burroughs—Thanksgiving Prayer

Butthole Surfers—The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Einsturzende Neubauten—Halber Mensch

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Hey tüth+gnail, good on ya for mentioning Diamanda Galás! Here's more of her beautiful and bizarre vocals:
Recoil | Strange Hours

Erin O'Brien said...

Good christ awmighty, with the politics flying around my place, I'm happy to pop in over at bizarro land!

First thing that comes to mind is my Inlakesh CD "The Gathering." It features didgeridoo music. It is absolutely tribal. I fucking love it.

"Eat Flowers Breathe Light" sounds like it's going to be some new-agey thing, but in fact it truly sounds like an instrumental story to me. It's my favorite track, about 18 minutes long.

Here's a YouTube featuring some of their work, but it doesn't reflect the experience of the CD.

The curious are well advised to spend a buck over at iTunes and buy a song. If you likey, track down the CD and dig the longer tracks. Or email me at eobnowATyahooDOTcom and we'll talk, baby.

Helen Mansfield said...

Yep, Erin said didgeridoo my friends! Probably the most underappreciated musical instrument next to the bagpipes and accordian.

Clash: Thanks for that trip down memory lane with Shakespeare's Sister.

Clash said...

zee: That video has made it through my home and is a resounding success with the wife and kids.

erin: You never disappoint!

helen: No problemo. I just found an acoustic version that I have been diggin' too.

Rob Zero said...

Diamanda Galas frightens me.

kennn said...

oooh, i like this game. FOr me, bizarre equals: