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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

And so does my friend Wildflower, who is struggling to compile a CD of cool love songs to give out to the guests at her brother's upcoming wedding. So I told her I would be happy to ask the Friday Music set to help out with some ideas. That's this week's topic: the RtN Wedding Mix.

The good thing about her brother is that he has great taste in music, so there's no need to go dropping cheesy, typical stuff. I don't need that on a Friday and neither do you. This mix needs to be cool.

To get it going, I'll mention the two songs Wildflower has already decided to include: Rich and Chris Robinson's "Cold Boy Smile" and Elvis Costello's "The Very Thought of You." (Okay, that's the Billie Holiday version, but I couldn't find Elvis' version.)

So hook a sister up! Even if you don't know how to make links like this, please try to post at least standard links with each of your suggestions.


SleekPelt said...

Joseph Arthur
"Honey and the Moon
Wait ... that is, if you don't mind the lyric "freedom, run away tonight." I think it's great, though.

Pétur Ben
"I'll Be Here."
I think this could be a good closer.

Shelley Duvall
"He Needs Me."
Okay, this is only if you want a comedic break, but it would be a pretty funny surprise.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Depeche Mode: Somebody - the most popular song for weddings out of the DM repertoire. In typical fashion, has porno noises at the end, low in the mix.

The Cure: Close To Me - fun and uptempo, although the lyrics are rather dark upon closer inspection.

Nancy Wilson: Wives & Lovers - some sound advice from another time. Nothing like a bit of misogyny to kick off a marriage, eh?

moneytastesbad said...

The Beatles
I Will


The Grateful Dead
They Love Each Other

I have mp3 studio versions of all of these songs if you need them for the CD. I doubt you will want a 9 minute Grateful Dead Jam on there.

Rob Zero said...

The romantic in me likes this topic. Here's some tunes we played at our wedding:

TWO (This was my wedding song.)

The Dalai Mama said...

DMB's Crush

Jeff Buckley's Lover You Should've Come Over


Anonymous said...

Need to play some of this....

The Hombres - Let It All Hang OUT

wildflower said...

This is just what I had hoped for, a fantastic array of suggestions. Thanks again, Sleek.

I can see why you like J.A so much, he is great, but I'm not so sure the song suits the situation. The other two are definitely in!

teoh: The DM and Cure are perfect additions. I don't know that my sister-in-law to be would see the humor in the last though.

money: All three are great and The Beatles tune, may have won the lead spot. If I don't have these on MP3, I'll be hitting you up.

Rob: there is a little romantic in all of us, at least I hope so. Thanks for the suggetions.

Here is something I'm thinking of adding as well.

The Dalai Mama said...

Oh, and Damien Rice's Cannonball couldn't hurt. 

This one won an Oscar this year. The Swell Season's Falling Slowly




The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Rob Zero had the coolest wedding song. Ever. Love it.

Raoul Duke said...

hey Wildflower, some friends of mine played this acoustic with guitar and violin for someone that got engaged at a music festival. It was magical. There are plenty of versions, including the studio. hereis one version i found.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Raoul Duke said...

the studio version is WAY better name is love by rob dickerson of the catherine wheel

Vesper de Vil said...

Endlessly by Muse

Devil Mood said...

Electric Orchid already posted my suggestion but I'm giving it anyway.
I danced it at the last wedding I went to. Close to me

Personally, I'd want this song to feature at my wedding.

wildflower said...

DM: Thanks for reminding me of Jeff Buckley, he has one of the most beautifully haunting male voices ever. I really like his version of Hallelujah.
All the artists you've suggested definitely have a place in the mix.

RD: I don't think I've ever heard that Phish song. It's beautiful and perfect.

VDV: certainly not something that I would have found on my own, but a wonderful addition.

devil: I can't believe I didn't think of this song. I just posted it last friday, but the Gram Parsons
version, which I have to say, I prefer.

Anonymous said...

Radiohead - House of Cards

Crusselldrums said...

Rob Zero... My wife and I had the same wedding song. I have always loved the human (imperfect )sentiment of the lyrics. I also think Carl Wilson had such an amazingly pure voice.
Here are some other favorites:

Ben Folds

R.E.M.(This has such a great Pet Sounds vibe to it!)

Devil Mood said...

I don't like the Rolling Stones version much myself, the best version, in my opinion, is heartfelt and intense Jewel version but that doesn't exist on youtube. :)
Gram Parsons' isn't bad neither!

Raoul Duke said...
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*dalyn said...

ok.... i was just married recently... (a year ago). i'm not sure if this mix will be 'cool' enough but here goes...
im a big fan of Ron Sexsmith. give him a listen...
Ron Sexsmith - Whatever it takes
Ron Sexsmith- Best Friends (couldnt find the original but this guys not that bad at doing the cover...)

this was the song my husband and started the dancing with... brings a tear to my eye actually...
The Association - Never My Love

although this song is a tad depressing, the lyrics are so perfect for true love... AND the video is amazing...
Death Cab For Cuties - I Will Follow You Into The Dark

A little 70's never hurt... sorry, yes its a tad cheezy...
ELO - Strange Magic

neither does a little beatles...
The Beatles - And I Love Her

teoh: i agree! rob zero, nice choice...
bryan, could you maybe post the final wildflower cd mix after it has been compiled? would be cool to see what was chosen! *d

moneytastesbad said...

Here is another great Beatles tune for a wedding.

You could always rock out to this.

You could use the either the Norah Jones version or the Tom Waits of this song. I prefer Waits myself.

This one could work too.

Here is Pearl Jam covering another Waits song. Again, I prefer the original but I could not find a good version online.

Wow, this is fun.

SleekPelt said...

day: I'm also a big Ron Sexsmith fan. I'm surprised he's had so little success here in the States. I've often sung "God Loves Everyone" to the kids. If Wildflower gets me the final list, I'll definitely post it up.

wildflower said...

Posting the final list is the least I can do for all your help. I may end up making two discs to avoid leaving anything out and I haven't even gotten through all the posts yet.
RtN does some good business!

Read Me said...

Mason Jennings - Be Here Now

The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues

The song has not much to do with weddings and happy-ever-after, but it has Irish flair, always good for injecting joy and happiness.

Jimmy Soul - If You Want to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

I don't go to very many weddings, so I don't know if this one falls under the "wedding song cliche" category, but if it does, I apologize. It wasn't my idea anyway. It's my friend's idea of the perfect wedding song.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Teehee! Wildflower said 'some good business'! (^_^)

Helen Mansfield said...

Bobby Darin"More"

Depeche Mode"Home"

Michael Bublé"Come Fly With Me"

Robbie Williams & Nichole Kidman"Something Stupid"

Randy Travis"Forever and Ever, Amen

SleekPelt said...

Peter Gabriel
"In Your Eyes

SleekPelt said...

Jeff Healey
"Angel Eyes

Eric Clapton
"Wonderful Tonight"

SleekPelt said...

"Never Tear Us Apart

josh williams said...

Tom Waits: Pasties and a G-String

Snowday said...

Simply for the reason that this sone is likely the number one lovesong on the year (top 40 and r&b), I suggest Alicia Keys' "No One." It puts a date on the CD for those who may be listening back in 20 years.

Another approach would be to look to the love songs of birth years. All that being said, I like Willie Nelson and Nora Jones singing "The Wurlitzer Prize"

g2thelow said...

Sleek: Nellie McKay was the girl. She even has a song appropriate for this thread! (Personally, I prefer her stuff like this.

Weddings, eh? Gotta include this sappy number (set to Luke and Laura dancing, no less).

BTW, anybody who doesn't know who Luke and Laura are obviously didn't grow up in the eighties, whether you watched soaps or not.

BTW(2): Sleek, did you know that the girl who played Laura beat out Pushkin's sister for a Daytime Emmy Award last year after "coming back from the dead" or some shit. I watched it with Pushkin out at Batch's house. He predicted "Laura" would get it--sympathy factor, ya know. (I guess she never got one b/c her character was killed off before she had a chance, perhaps?)

g2thelow said...

Oh yeah, one more:

Electric Light Orchestra's Diary of Horace Wimp.

The Dalai Mama said...

Oh, how about Radiohead's cover of Nobody Does it Better?

SleekPelt said...

Mark Knopfler and Willy de Ville
"Storybook Story"
From The Princess Bride, of course.