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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

This week features a two-part topic.

1. Music by the lesser-known. Try to post up something that'll be new to most people.

2. Music by the well-known, but lesser-known music. Music by established acts, but songs that won't be making it onto Greatest Hits albums.

As always, please post links with all suggestions.

Just because I'm feeling a bit sadistic today, I'm going to lead with a little Atilla, which satisfies both categories, I think. This isn't your grandmother's Piano Man.


Eric said...

Richard Bona

This is a performance on "Later...w/ Jools Holland"

very chill.

jeffk said...

1. I'll start with Dirty on Purpose - really good Brooklyn band. I don't think they've gotten much exposure nationally.

2. One of my favorite Zeppelin songs. I don't listen to these guys all that much anymore, but this one makes me smile every time I hear it.

Rob Zero said...

Fairly obscure band that successfully sued CBS: Supernova

Not appreciated enough: T-REX B-Side

Ruining any rock cred I have: Great Steely Dan album track

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

It seems like a lot of music I like is less well-known in the US. Like these:
Maps | To The Sky - why this gorgeousness isn't already everywhere, I don't know.
Pop Levi | Dita Dimone - soon, this will be everywhere.

Often, the lesser-known album tracks and B-sides become firm favourites:
Madonna | Secret Garden - yummo grooves and sleepy jazz piano found right at the end of 1992's Erotica.
Lenny Kravitz | Don't Go And Put A Bullet In Your Head - fom his most underrated record, Circus.

*dalyn said...

i'll go with part one...
Music by the lesser-known... i'm going to go with local Vancouver BC talents....

The Awkward Stage - Sad Girl Radio
(an old friend of my husbands... great CD, kinda has a Sparklehorse sound to some of his stuff)

The Organ - Love, Love, Love

Young And Sexy - The Curious Organ

tüth+gnail said...

1. Hot Little Rocket - Like Killers
Big hit here in Canada, but not sure if they would have made an impact south of the border

The Gandharvas - First Day of Spring
Fantastic local band. No longer together.

2. Gary Numan - Slow Car to China

Joy Division - Isolation

rebecca said...

Lesser Known Bands:

Great DJ by the Ting Tings

Handlebars by Flobots
This song actually made me cry. You have to listen to the whole thing to get it, though.

The Beginning of the Twist by the Futureheads

Lesser-known songs by more famous artists:

Safe and Sound by Sheryl Crow

Shy Marsupial said...

1. I might be biased but here is a local band, Paradigm. Check out Break the Habit and Fall Away.

2. From a well-known, new-age country artist, Blake Shelton,.I have to say I am fond of This can't be Good. I suppose reminds me of my 2 oldest crazy brothers. Nothing better than trouble from time to time...

Chris said...

Lesser known act:

William Fitzsimmons

Well known act, lesser known work:

Dennis Wilson (of The Beach Boys)

Helen Mansfield said...

Lesser known band:

The Finches
from San Francisco. They performed during John's book reading at City Lights. They made me cry.

Lesser known song: Jermaine Jackson & Devo. Yes, I said it.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Kudos to Rebecca for spinning the Flobots track. I can vouch for the quality of this band - catch them live if you can!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty good off the beaten path stuff.

Calexico - Two Silver Trees

Rob Zero said...

Five more great songs from bands most people have never heard of:

Lazy Cowgirls

Kevin K

Lee Harvey Oswald Band


Nine Pound Hammer

~d said...

(aww heck!)
I am digging on R.E.M. today.
I LOVE these recommendations, though-WOW!

google said...

~d: Hi, ~d -- nice to hear from you. RtN is getting some cobwebs on it, I'm afraid, but Friday Music will be back this Friday.

SleekPelt said...

Sorry, that last post was from me -- I was signed into a work account.