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Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

I bought a piano today. My daughter has been taking lessons for a couple of years, thanks in part to a borrowed electric piano, but it's going back to its owner. I found a solid used console piano from a local shop, and I'm pretty excited about it, as I've wanted to learn to play forever. (Oh, and she needs a piano too!) It's being delivered on Monday.

So this week's theme is piano. Make it work however you can, and please include links.

I may have already posted this at some point, but it's worth an encore:

One of these days I might just do Fiona Friday:


getto said...

This is great live:
And of course:

Clash said...


Congrats on the new piano! After the epic Peanuts cover for Racer X and our interview with Craig Shultz, I had to include Schroeder in the mix.

Simply classic...

November Rain

Walking in Memphis

Bon Folds

Clash said...

Oooops...Ben, not Bon. Har!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Erasure | Piano Song - the band is not just about sequins and sequencers.

Tori Amos | Cornflake Girl - certainly one of the most 'rock' piano tracks out there.

Blossom Dearie | Manhattan - some of the most languorous, heady jazz piano you will ever hear; Ms. Dearie is a consumate piano player.

Erin O'Brien said...

Well fuck me.

If this isn't a good reason to dig a nice long Pink Martini first thing in the morning, then I just don't know what.

SleekPelt said...

I'll also post up:

Scott Simons
"Start of Something"
I don't know Scott, but he's well known around these parts and was in a band for years (and is good friends) with Friday Music regular Crusseldrums, so he must be good people. Cool song, too.

The Dalai Mama said...

Well, you know I'm good for some Coldplay and Radiohead

I'll throw in two bonuses by the same bands because I'm in a hurry and can't track down that Beirut song with the great piano part.



Rob Zero said...




Last, gotta love the canned laughter

olives and more said...

So I've been a stranger....

ok, so i know i said i wasn't a big fan of Coldplay, but I 've been listening to the new cd and I LOVE it. especially this version of Lost: i like the lyrics, it's beautiful........

and this next one...LOVE IT>>>

around 4 is more accurate. i'll call later

jeffk said...

Because I'm still recovering from the show, I have to go with Springsteen in '75, when "Thunder Road" was still basically a piano ballad.

And because I'm just in the mood for it this morning, here's some of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5.

Raoul Duke said...

you knew this was coming

Zee said...

Since I've been beaten to the artist I was going to post, I am going with the fits (possibly only)
song that I learned on piano.

SleekPelt said...

rob: Do you know if that Waits act is the origination of the 'bottle in front of me/frontal lobotomy' joke? That would kick ass if Waits penned that one, though I guess I doubt that's the case.

The Dalai Mama said...

Check out Radio Euphoria on Joseph Arthur's myspace.  Great, great song. 

*dalyn said...

A Piano... how nice!
well one of my favorite bands uses one quite exensively...
Guess Who - Sour suite

i know this song is sad for a wedding CD, but we had it on ours... and, yes... it was in regards to me and a very hard time we had together our our relationship. makes me cry every time i have to hear it...
Billy Joel - She is always a woman

and of course a little Coldplay... only just started listening to these guys about 2 years ago and now can't stop...
Coldplay - For You
Coldplay - The Hardest Part
have a great weekend! *d

*dalyn said...

oh yeah!!! don't forget Elton John people! anything pre-1985 would be good! *d

SleekPelt said...

day: No worries -- we're off the wedding stuff now anyway.

Crusselldrums said...

Sleek: Thanks for the plug for Scott Simons. I was going to post this song as well!

No doubt my favorite singer of all time, but did you know he could do this?

Def one of my favorite Sir Dr. William Joel Songs!

You gotta wait a while, but... how do you forget this image???

*dalyn said...

i know were off the wedding thang... the song just happens to be on ours... but it has lots 'o piano in it!

SleekPelt said...

day: Gotcha. Actually, Wildflower hasn't made her CD yet, so I suppose you never know!

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day your daughter will play as well as this girl. Robert Schumann is my favorite pianist, and this is my favorite from him:

Schmann - Scenes from Childhood

Mungerphut said...

Great purchase- lifetime of music!

Conlon Nancarrow composed pieces for player piano-- they are impossible to play for a human being and the results are intersting and bizarre like tom and jerry music without the cartoon.

Devil Mood said...

God, I love Fiona :)

Believe it or not, I think this one exciting bit of piano.

Then of course there's also this lady and this would also be my choice if the friday theme was masturbation lol

rebecca said...

Congrats on the piano! Lucky kid!

Okay, I just got a minute and not enough time to see if this stuff has been posted before, buuuuuut:

Merry Happy by Kate Nash

The King Must Die by Elton John

Morningside by Sara Bareilles (has sort of a Fiona-Apple-by-way-of-Maroon-5 quality)

Annie Waits by Ben Folds

The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap (truly haunting song.)

Leather by Tori Amos (adding because it's just so weird!)

snowday said...

This only qualifies in the loosest sense.

josh williams said...

I have the Tom Waits Album which I copied to cassette tape, I love the Waits.
Fiona, I have a couple of her CD's what a voice, a great musician, and pretty easy on the eye as well. I suggest what you just did...Well is Sunday and I'm tired so I this is all I's got, I tried to transfer Fionas first CD onto my office ipod and it would not work, or I was not willing to tackle more hoops on the computer, tomorrow is, well its today. I go bed now,and if I fall asleep well I think its probably because I reread my comment, I may fall asleep in my computer chair before I can post my comment.

tüth+gnail said...

Sorry it's kinda late. I was away on vacation and have had some other shite to deal with.
First off, big congrats on the new piano Bryan!! Well done.
When someone says piano music the first thing that comes to mind is also Tom Waits and Tom Traubert's Blues sums it up. Good call.

A couple more:

Vince Guaraldi (keeping with the Peanuts theme) - Skating Song

Bauhaus - Crowds

John Cale - Fear is a man's best friend

Also a side note here. A must have for your piano bench. Get yourself a copy of the music book "Tom Waits—Anthology". I know it's old and you may have to dig around on Amazon or some place like that. My well worn copy never actually makes it into the piano bench because it's always on the music stand. It may be advanced for you just yet, but it fuels the fire to learn. Have fun!

SleekPelt said...

Considering the topic of last week's Friday Music post, I have a fantastic reason for not commenting yet: I've spent all of my limited spare time playing my piano.