Reversing the Numbness

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Business Watch 2

The win streak for business continues. RtN's Matthes used it in his wildly popular column "Observations" over at Racer X Canada's site. He said:

" Team Yamaha/San Manual Band of Mission Indians' Chad Reed kept his business rolling, but just like Anaheim 3, he made it interesting."

Nice, Matthes, thanks! Also, full props go out to Weege for dropping it four times during the webcast on Saturday night.

Does anyone have Sal Masekela's number? Clash, you probably do....


olives and more said...

Sleek, you're hilarious!

Clash said...

I just tried the one I have for him and it has changed. Sorry.

Matthes said...

I do what I can...Weege dropped it four times? So he's ahead of me by four right now...the race is on.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

I really have no idea what this post is about... but I can tell that you're happy, so I'm happy.

SleekPelt said...

olive: You are!

clash: No worries, my man. Sorta joking anyway, but it doesn't surprise me that you had it.

matthes: Yeah! The race is on. The podcast is the ticket. Hey, tell Timmy Ferry all about it too, would ya?

IF: This election season has me campaigning for a new slang use of the word 'business.' It's basically a replacement for the word 'stuff.' It's all very, very stupid, but for some reason I've been trying to influence the most high-profile people I know to use the word with the new meaning in public ways. (I think it might have something to do with a work-related delirium.) When it gets used publicly -- say, on a broadcast of a supercross race or in an online column -- I point it out here on RtN as a campaign victory. Really, it's just silly, and I'm quite sure it will all end soon. Once the word takes hold of America's youth, that is.... Thanks for being happy for me!

Raoul Duke said...

heads up

radiohead tickets on sale this Saturday in select cities!!!

now that is some good BUSINESS.