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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Friday Music

Guest commenter: Dalyn's Life


Clash said...

Welcome, Dalyn! Just checked out the digital RX and I absolutely loved the EK opening spread. Top notch business there and of course kudos to Sleek and crew on your 10th anniversary. WhooHoo!

I’ll get a tune lined up later.

SleekPelt said...

"Why Can't I Fall in Love?"
Ivan Neville

This is one of the most memorable songs of the movie Pump Up the Volume, which reminds me very much of when I moved away from home to go to WVU. The movie was rebellious in nature and that felt good as I ventured out to meet the rest of my life, unsure of what would come next.

"Romeo and Juliet"
Indigo Girls

"Black Boys on Mopeds"
Sinead O'Connor

Both of these songs have loads of memories attached, but I'm posting them today because they remind me of my playing-out days, as short-lived as they were. I think I played both of these songs at every show I ever did. I wonder if anybody has ever done a studio recording with as much passion as the Indigo Girls' version of this kick-ass Mark Knopfler song.

"Fade Into You"
Mazzy Star

The DM and I listened to this classic album on our first, uh, date. Actually, I guess it would have been our second date.

My Morning Jacket


We played a live EP by MMJ throughout much of the birth of our son, and Travis is the first band my daughter ever heard, on the way home from the hospital.

I have some metal memories too, Dalyn, but I won't do that to you! ;)

Rob Zero said...

Sleek's list is fairly sensitive, so I am going with an acoustic classic. (Nice curtains too, Sleek)

*dalyn said...

hello everyone... im honored to be a part of friday music! i know you've all got a song or two that brings back memories - good or bad. lets hear 'em! *d

Clash: thank you for the compliment!

"Why Can't I Fall in Love?" Ivan Neville
forgot about this song and the movie. good stuff.
"Romeo and Juliet" Indigo Girls
i absolutely love this song. i must say i prefer the dire straights version. it reminds me of a summer in the late 80's... 14 years old.
"Black Boys On Mopeds" Sinéad O'Connor
i have great apprication for a one voice, one instrument and a microphone. beautiful.
"Fade Into You" Mazzy Star
whoa! does this bring me back. '93 highschool grad year which included an evil sad breakup, heavy drinking and listening/rewinding this song over and over again... oh the pain!
"Golden" My Morning Jacket
oooooo! i like. the beginning reminded me of a gordon lighfoot song. they sound great live. ill have to check these guys out.
"Turn" Travis
this song didn't do it for me. dont know why...
all in all sleek - good picks!

Rob Zero: Helllllo! Bowie rocks... period. (im a little surprised at the birkenstocks with white socks in the video... what was he thinking?)

Eric said...

"One Night In Bangkok" by Murray Head.

This is the wikipedia link. It has a sample of the song there.

this reminds me of middle skool, going to the skating rink, and hooking up with chicks. well, i didn't really hook up with chicks, I watched my buddies hook up with chicks.


SleekPelt said...

Here's the video for "One Night in Bangkok."

jeffk said...

I've been listening to a lot of minimal techno and trance stuff lately (mostly because I've been playing the game Rez nonstop for the last week). One of the absolute best is Ricardo Villalobos:

This is from his album "Alcachofa," which I think is fantastic. It's an edit of a longer track, but you'll get the feel. I love stuff like this when I'm working. Brian Eno's ambient stuff, particularly "Music for Airports," is good work-time music too.

I also never let a week pass without some New Pornographers, and if you don't have "Challengers" yet, I'ma slap you.

And after spending a few days in San Francisco last week, I had to dig out my Chris Isaak collection. Great clip of Chris and the boys here:

And we close the festivities with Koichi Sugiyama and the London Philharmonic doing the Dragon Quest theme.

I listen to the Dragon Quest VIII symphonic score (recorded specifically, I think, for the game's U.S. release) at least once a month. That probably makes me a nerd.

*dalyn said...

"One Night In Bangkok" best song yet! i was hopin' for a little 80's. oh god the skating rink. i was there... i was the one fumbling so fast to get my laces done up so i could get rolling and show my moves. i knew i had about 40 seconds of that lame intro to this song before i needed to be at full speed on the floor! nice pick!

"Ricardo Villalobos"... that track was niiice. the video reminded me of the visuals played at the 'all-night-parties' i use to attend years back.
"Brian Eno's ambient stuff?" if i had to work with this CD on id have to fire myself for sleeping on the job. sorry.
"Challengers" - i guess i deserve a smack as i dont have this album yet. its now on my list of purchases to make!
"Chris Isaak" i love his voice, but just never got into him for some reason. classic song. like it!
"Dragon Quest VIII symphonic score" yes, you said yourself, this makes you a nerd! Thanks for all the songs! *d

Helen Mansfield said...

Every time I hear Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street," it reminds me of listening to AM radio when I was in elementary school. I heard it a lot one summer when my parents were taking me from Chicago to Oil City, Pa., for our annual family reunion.

Good times.

SleekPelt said...

"Baker Street".

I just read that this record sold like 5.5 million copies. I bet this dude knew he had a huge hit on his hands the second he finished recording this song.

Just a reminder to all that Friday Music never closes! Suggestions are welcome throughout the weekend and into next week.

M@ said...

I am trying to move beyond hip hop music right now. Can you suggest anything from the "world" genre? I need some new energy.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Great job, Dalyn - this is terrific! and a little intimidating. Here goes...

Erasure: Freedom - I don't enjoy listening to this, really, because doing so instantly reminds me of sex, of being in lust, of shame, of self-discovery and self-delusion. My road to self-acceptance started when this first played on the radio.

Melanie C: Never Be The Same Again - being an undergrad and being exposed to so many cool new people with interesting viewpoints. We were so goddamn beautiful. We had the power to do anything. MTv played this during leisurely lunches in the campus diner.

Chris Isaak: Wicked Game - reminds me of driving up the West Coast to Darling with Wendy in the summer of '07.

Garbage: Queer - it sounds like high school, in so many good and so many bad ways. What a great sound they had.

No Doubt: Don't Speak - reminds me of Friday afternoons with a gang of friends, doing the layout of the school paper.

Jamiroquai: Cosmic Girl - woven into the fabric of teenage parties and some really good times. Aah, the 90s. I only miss them now they're gone.

Eurythmics: There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) - 1985. I was four years old and discovered how amazing and intricate music is and how good it made me feel. There was also this, which was majorly influential as you know.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Oh, and yay to Rob Zero for selecting The Thin White Duke, to Eric for picking Mr. Head, and to Jeffk for The New Pornographers.

And for M@, I'd suggest this from my home country. Does anything sound more like good ol' SA?

*dalyn said...

"Baker Street" you called it! AM radio for sure. i acually like this song - it's a staple on our local oldies staion here in vancouver and i admit it turn it up when it comes on!

"Freedom" not sure if i like this song too much, but i was a fan of Erasure. the tape got some good play - that is until i found the cassette at the bottom of our kitchen garbage can shedded to shit by my christian mother.
"Melanie C" your write up for this song was so good it gave me the courage to give this song a listen. but not enough of it to get pass the rapping part. TEOH, she was/is a spice girl... shame shame...
"Wicked Game" Chris Isaak - see above chris isaak comment - but this song in particular also eminds me of a trip we took to california in the car. i had this in my new walkman alot of the way.
"Garbage" awesome! you are so right - they had a great sound. i might have to look them up again.
"Don't Speak" No Doubt - im a fan for sure. the kind of pop you want to sing along with. school paper layout eh? interesting.
"Jamiroquai" i feel shameful when i say i like this band. its a guilty pleasure. the kind of CD you hide when people are coming over for fear of someone pulling it out and yelling "JAMIROQUAI?? SERIOUSLY DALYN???" good kitchen cleaning music.
"Eurythmics" i love her voice... my old roomate made me listen to them ALOT. i think it started to rub off on the way i presented myself. what do you think? and no, im not a lesbian! the other link you added i cant see in my country. lame.
"Freshly Ground Doo Doo" this sounds like something IF might like... but not me. song and video reminds me of youth group meetings at church, no offence. all in all TEHO, an interesting look into your past! thank you.
check out this page. lots of great bands featured here. almost all of them remind me of staying up all night trying to get my design work done for school a few years ago... im a big fan of these guys... !!! (Chk Chk Chk) give this a listen:
Hello? Is this thing on? and their mySpace page tracks. i prefer their older stuff if you can find it. "like i give a fuck" rocks.
also try these guys out... Menomena "Cough Coughing" "Evil Bee" their 1st album is great, looks like they have a new one. they mix in a sax and it acually sound great. they ain't hiphop but definitely some good listening. *d

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Great - let me just defend myself by saying I selected things that brought specific memories back, not necessarily tracks I liked. Which absolves me from all Spice Girl-related incidents. However, Jamiroquai is prime '90s funky acid jazz and nothing to be ashamed of. My alternative to Eurythmics was Master & Servant by Depeche Mode: it's the crazy "it's a lot.. it's a lot... like life" intro that caught my attention way back and never let it go. As for Freshlyground, maybe this is more your speed?

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Wait, that link is gross. Try this one instead.

SleekPelt said...

Great job, Dalyn! You and TEOH both did better at this than I ever do -- maybe I should have a guest commenter every week. If anyone has more suggestions, Dalyn's on the clock until this Friday. Friday Music never closes.

M@: Last night my family and I went to the WVU African Music and Dance Ensemble. I'm no expert on world music by any means, but we dug this. An Afropop musician by the name of Toby Foyeh was there and he and his band got a pretty infectious groove going. Some jazz, some reggae, some traditional Africa sounds ... pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Anything by The Smiths and R.E.M. and Camper Van Beethoven take me right back to seventeen, eighteen years ago in a very visceral way. They were all on tape in the 1980s. CDs came. We stopped listening to our tapes and bought new music on CD. The old stuff was forgotten. Now the old stuff is available on CDs. So a lot of time has passed and the memories of listening to those songs got left behind until recently, when they were heard again on CD, almost two decades later. It makes me think about the isolated feeling of being a teenager in a small town. You want to get away and do and see a billion incredibly different things, or just something different than going to high school with the everyday social trappings of seeing the same people every day. That was before we had the Internet at our fingertips. (Now I think that teenagers don't feel quite so isolated. They have Web cams and My Space pages and cell phones and text messaging.)
Sorry about the anonymous post. I hope it's not cheating.

SleekPelt said...

anonymous: Welcome! Are you the same anonymous who normally posts on Friday Music? I have absolutely no problem with respectful anonymous posts.

Not sure if Dalyn is still commenting, but I'm going to spin all three of those bands tomorrow. I love them all.

*dalyn said...

TEOH: yes i like that song alot better than the other one!

anonymous: The Smiths... by far my favorite band of all time. i came from a town with small town thinking and the smiths were a regular staple that kept me sane. to this day i still listen to them religiously. they remind me of the isolation i left behind to go try and find the billion incredibly different things you mentioned. R.E.M. and Camper Van Beethoven remind me of school dances and nobody dancing... great choices!

Read Me said...

From my anonymous post -- I came back to your site and found two replies about my REM/Camper Van Beethoven/Smiths post; anyway, I went out and got myself an identity. Sleekpelt asked if I was the same anonymous that posted in the past -- no, that's not me.

SleekPelt said...

read me: Welcome back! I look forward to reading your blog.