Reversing the Numbness

Friday, February 8, 2008

Business Development

Sometimes I just don't think. Honestly. Here I am trying to get Rob Dyrdek to bust out business on TV, ignoring some of the tighter, if somewhat less substantial, contacts that I personally have.

For example: Jason Weigandt. "The Weege" is a bonafide, autograph-signing celebrity in the high-action world of AMA Supercross. (The only motorsport bigger than ours in the USA is NASCAR.) Not only is he one of the most popular writers in the sport, but he's also the host of the live audio feed that goes out to tens of thousands of people every supercross race. And I originally hired him years ago! That's right, Weege was a green punk out of New Jersey, looking for his big break, and who gave that to him? That's right -- yours truly. So he owes me. (Plus he still kinda works for me.)

So I'm sending him an e-mail after I finish this post, and I'm going to ask him to start using business in context at least three times during every broadcast. Hattica was already kind enough to give some racing examples on my last business post.

Speaking of Hattica ... Hattica, who posts here all the time, writes two very popular weekly columns that are read by legions of people all over the world. Hey, Hattica -- next time you write "Rev Up" and "Number Cruncher," give me a little business, would you?

Next ... Matthes. Yes, Matthes, who used to be a regular poster here on RtN until I stopped posting. Good ol' Matthes is the host of a very popular weekly podcast that is also listened to by thousands of people, many of whom are north of the border in his home country: Canada. Matthes, I checked out that David Vuillemin interview you did and there were at least 40 opportunities for you to drop the business. How about a bone next time, yo?

Last but not least is you, my fellow bloggers. Inarticulate Fumblings and Dalyn have already agreed to run business in Canada, and that's just hot. If the rest of y'all could just find a place for it, here and there, in posts, at the club, in the post office, wherever, you'll be doing your part to set this brilliant word free.

Thank you -- I love you all.


Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

Have any of you been over to My Mule to see the creepy peeper Josh has stalking him?
His BUSINESS is all JUNKED up with this guardian angel with leather wings sneaking into his room at night.
If its all right, I'm just going to hang out here at RtN till this JUNK clears up.

josh williams said...

Good to ave you back yes peeps has really been giving me the business but he will grow bored and move on to someone else. He is just bad business in the blogger world. Well I gotta go what with a business to run and all...JW

SleekPelt said...

mom: I have been over there, but I was too busy paying attention to that genius car-of-tomorrow idea of his to notice anything out of whack. But you're always welcome here at RtN, for whatever reason.

josh: Well done, three distinctly different uses. The first is an already-popular colloquialism, the second is the new, rapidly spreading version, and the third is literal version. Like I said, well done.