Reversing the Numbness

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sarah Smiles (If You Visit Her on IMDB)

Meet my friend Sarah Lieving. Raoul Duke, Spooge, G2theLow and I graduated with her big sister, but she and I have become friends recently because she's into motorcycle racing, and we have some mutual friends. (And she owes me, like, 12 beers.) Sarah's making movies out in SoCal, which is her dream I think, but she's looking to take her career up a notch.

Now, I'm pretty sure I don't have any high-level Hollywood agents visiting RtN, so I doubt this post will do much to affect her career in any significant way. But what my blog buddies could do for Miss Lieving is check out her profile page. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but they've got some sort of rating system, and the more times her page gets accessed, the higher she moves up in the rankings. This is clearly a good thing. So, please!, check her out. (Also at her personal website.)

As for her movies, I'm afraid I've yet to see one. I know The Beast of Bray Road was on the Sci-Fi channel a while back but I missed it, so I'm still awaiting my chance to check out her work. I love horror flicks, though, and that seems to make up most of Sarah's repertoire, so I'm looking forward to it.

I think you owe me 13 beers now, Sarah.


josh williams said...

Nice photo, my Tuan McDougal link will lead you to a guy that wrote a and put together a movie. The Starbox link and Hanged Man are links to the same... I like McDougals blog, its dark but has some great wit. I'll visit Sarah on IMDB so she owes you 131/3 beers..

missy said...

Cool, her star metre went up 10% the past week!

spooge said...

i wonder if she knows that I along with her big sister, were voted "Friendliest" in our graduating class.

SleekPelt said...

missy: And you've only helped it go up more. Thanks!

spooge: Annie really was quite friendly; I always liked her. And Raoul Duke got best looking in our class!

Raoul Duke said...

visited the site. hope it helps.

yep, anne was involved in the brilliance of gum art, caesar antonio and ode to wilma poems. poor girl. remember her being a bad ass swimmer. what is she up to, do you know?

SleekPelt said...

raoul: You know, I had forgotten Anne's participation in that stuff. I actually hung out with her some in college too, and -- shock -- she was still very cool. I think Sarah told me she's married to a good man and lives in a good house on a good lake somewhere. The story went something like that.

Raoul Duke said...

Nice. I like stories that go like that.

on a seperate note... do you have any of the following: the new elliot smith, travis or catherine wheel, i know you have the new Bright Eyes, umm hint hint ;)

Melissavina said...

13 beers is a lot of drunk.
Well, for me anyway.
Unless they were each served in a thimble. Then I could totally do it.

I checked out her page and I'll pass it on.

You're a nice friend with good motivation.

SleekPelt said...

rd: I don't have the new Elliot Smith, no, but I want to get it. I have Travis' The Man Who and Catherine Wheel's brilliant Adam and Eve and Wishville. And of course the new Bright Eyes. Indeed.

melissavina: Wait ... I thought one of your gifts was drinking people under the table? And for the record, 13 beers is a solid two and a half drunks for me. Also, thank you.

Sarah Lieving said...

Thanks for all your help gang! This is THE little sis of Annie! She is doing great! She is town engineer of Longboat Key, Florida. Married to an awsome guy and has two funny, cute boys. I now a new agent/manager team thanks to everyones help!!!!

SleekPelt said...

Welcome, Sarah! It's great to hear good ol' Annie is still doing so well. I bet she's engineering the hell out of Longboat Key. And congrats on the new support!

Anonymous said...

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