Reversing the Numbness

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

In fact, to commemorate this, the 150th post on RtN, I'd like to bring the rock. I got in this mood yesterday when I was blessed with Quiet Riot's "Cum on Feel the Noize" on the Hair Metal Nation station of Sirius. So, as Dee Snider would say, "I wanna rock."

Starting with Nirvana. Anything else?


getto said...

Howza about some Yes?
I always get cheerful listening to a little Everclear or even some Sublime- although Deadbolt has my Sublime right now.

SleekPelt said...

geto boy: Yes? No. But I'm kicking Sublime right now.

Rob Zero said...

The Clash - "Black Market Clash" CD. Cool b-sides, some interesting covers, and weird dub re-mixes.

Fleming said...

Nirvana - Ain't it a Shame

Clash said...

Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

Elvis Costello (Thanks Raoul) – Oliver’s Army

Under Pressure – Queen/Bowie

Black – Pearl Jam (I have rediscovered how much I loved this band)

Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings &1979 (Their new release reminded me to dig up some old tracks)

Anonymous said...

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

SleekPelt said...

I found myself in a strong mood to kick Clutch's "From Beale St. to Oblivion." Killer album.

rob: This is the hardest thing I've ever had to admit to anyone, but I only have one Clash song, "Police and Thieves," but I played it loud. They are at the top of my rainy-day bands list, and I will submerse myself straight away.

fleming: I played their first album a while ago, and I'll see if I can find that song.

clash: I have all of that except Smashing Pumpkins. Great selection, I'll knock them all out.

anon: Nice suggestion, I'll kick that soon.

Anonymous said...

One more to rock out to:

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills

Raoul Duke said...

Judas Priest:
Breakin the Law.

Zee said...

Sleek, if you are dead serious about wanting to bring the rock, then find yourself some Glucifer. No, its not metal (well,there last album gets reall close). It just rocks. Tender is the Savage is the one I strongly recommend.

The Dalai Mama said...

I think you should further investigate The Blood Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Rock your world with these:

System of a Down - Chop Suey
Metallica - One

SleekPelt said...

I picked the wrong day to go heavy -- the resident metal head in our office is out today so I don't have access to his iTunes library over the network. I'll have to pick some of this stuff back up on Tuesday when he's back.

zee: I'm liking Gluecifer. I just checked out their MySpace dealio and am kicking "Desolate City" right now. Solid rock 'n' effing roll.

dm: I might just get into Blood Brothers. They have that "Set Fire to the Face on Fire" song on their MySpace dealio and a few other rockin' songs too. Good stuff!

josh williams said...

I'm waiting for Hanson so reform.