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Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

Because I'm obviously having trouble commenting on all of the fine suggestions from Friday Music each week, I'm going to change up the format for a while. Commenting on posted suggestions is open to everyone.

In the spirit of this free-for-all approach, today's topic will be determined by the first person to pose one. As always, please post links as well.


rebecca said...

Ooh, ooh!!!!! How about Politics, in honor of the debate last night.

SleekPelt said...

Politics it is, Rebecca -- thanks!

rebecca said...

Sweet. Here goes:

Faithless -- Weapon of Mass Destruction

Flobots --Handlebars

Youssou N'dour and Nenah Cherry --Wake Up, it's Africa Calling (Darfur, anyone? Anyone?)

Manic Street Preachers -- If You Tolerate This, Then Your Children Will Be Next

Erin O'Brien said...


I got a goodie, baby. A real goodie!

Here's one for all those DC cocksuckers who are about to stick it to us.

Just a bill, my ass.

Crusselldrums said...

I loved this one... and it f'ing rocks!!!

You're no Jesus, you're no Elvis...

Zee said...

Anything from The Minutemen.
I think they have one song that goes "Reagan!" and thats it.

Melissavina said...

This guy is pretty political... play "Love me I'm a Liberal"

And this song by The Decemberists is too!

I hope you like!

Rob Zero said...

This is pretty excellent. I was gonna dedicate Lennon's original to Ms. Palin, but this is even better.

Clash said...

Rebecca: Timely topic for sure.

Only on Friday Music could Neneh “Buffalo Stance” Cherry also serve up an enlightened song such as this one. A cry for help, which for the most part, still goes unanswered.

I liked the Manic Street Preachers tune enough to listen to check them out a little more, and “Motorcycle Emptiness” was another cool one. Flobots….yes, please.

crusselldrums: I just watched the HD Incubus special at Red Rocks again last week and this is one of my favorites as well….especially live.

melissavina: Kevin Devine’s voice mimics the folksy 60’s anti-war songs that this topic begs for.

erin: Don’t get me wrong here. I always appreciate some Schoolhouse Rock, but what the hell? I thought for sure we were going to get some hippy chick, antiestablishment, stick-it-to-the-man, viva la revolution, burn my bra, kick in the balls type tunes. Are you going soft?

My youth was influenced greatly by music expressing political views. Even though I was ignorant to most of the real world, it would still plant seeds into my conscience that I would not fully appreciate until much later in my life. A lot of it was normal rebellion, and anger expressed from lack of control, but I remember asking political and social questions that made most my friends tell me to, “Shut the fuck up and just drink your beer.”

Maybe that is why I’m still so defiantly independent and hate when people try to tell me what to think or believe. Don’t tread on me, baby.

Bruce Cockburn
Call it Democracy

Dead Kennedys
Holiday in Cambodia

Lou Reed

Bob Dylan
Masters of War

Billy Bragg
Between the Wars

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Rob Zero said...

Clash: Lou Reed's "New York" record was a defining moment for me. Glad someone else is a fan.

tüth+gnail said...

Two Tribes—Frankie Goes To Hollywood

You can't mention politics without having Jello in there somewhere.
California Uber Alles—Dead Kennedys

Land of Confusion—Genesis

Rob Zero said...

tuth+gnail: I've always been partial to the sequel

SleekPelt said...

Here's mine for this week -- a huge song from my childhood.