Reversing the Numbness

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

Dear Casey,

Ten years ago I was a lonely child living on a small island off the coast of Maine. I didn't have many friends in my life, so I often escaped my dreary existence through the pages of classic novels. My best friends were Tom Sawyer, Holden Caulfield, and a boy named Pip. But that all changed when I made a real friend: Abraham.

Abraham was even smaller than I was, and even quieter, but when he came to the island, I knew I finally had a friend who understood me. I'd never met anyone so willing to listen to my problems, and together we worked through them all, no matter how big. I was happier than I'd ever been in my life.

Unfortunately, my happiness didn't last. Abe had only been around for a little over a year when my mom broke the news to me: He had contracted a disease and died. I was devastated. My only friend, gone in an instant. Suddenly I found myself even lonelier than I'd been before he arrived.

The next year my father took a job inland and I transferred to a much bigger school. We moved to a neighborhood teeming with children and, for the first time in my life, I finally had a circle of friends. But to this day, I've still not forgotten my very first friend.

Casey, could you please play Queen's "You're My Best Friend" for my best friend -- and the best goldfish I ever knew -- Abraham.


This week's theme is long-distance dedications. Links, please.


Eric said...

abraham was the name of gary coleman's black gold fish on the show "Different Strokes."

Rob Zero said...

Casey Kasem loses his shit

Crusselldrums said...

I think this band was formed just so they could be requested as long distance dedications... Viva La Mike Rutherford!!!



...and who could deny this Ocasek gem...


rebecca said...

Beck -- Think I'm In Love

Goldfrapp -- Time Out from the World

Air -- Venus

BTW, thanks for recommending The Bird and the Bee. I'm dying until payday so I can download everything they've got! :) I blogged about them... come on over and check it out!

josh williams said...

I am not a hugh beachboys fan, but this song is a gem.

Rob Zero said...


I saw Ric Ocasek do a solo acoustic version of that song on VH1 classic last year. It was pretty tremendous and made me reappreciate that song greatly.

Clash said...

rob zero: That sound clip was the first thing I thought of when I saw this week's topic!

This HAS to be one of the most requested songs for those star-crossed lovers trying to bridge the miles.


I agree on Drive…..groovy tune for sure.

tüth+gnail said...

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Fish Heads—Barnes&Barnes

The long distance, lightly battered version:
Lake of Fire—Nirvana