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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

Tonight I'm going out with some friends to see local legends Todd Burge and Owen Davis play at a little watering hole called Gene's Beer Garden. It's a flashback to 15 years ago for me, so I'm pretty excited about it. So this week's theme -- and I think this might be a repeat -- is music from where you're from. I'll start with a little of West Virginia's Todd Burge. As always, please link it up.


tüth+gnail said...

The Anthropomorphics—Resistence is Futile
Mark Favro and Owen Curnoe. The handful of people who were into industrial music in London hung with these guys. You can google Greg Curnoe to see what an amazing artist Owen's dad was too.

Rob Zero said...

South Jersey isn't much of a musical breeding ground other than This Guy, so I'm gonna go across the river to Philadelphia:

The Nazz

Beru Revue

The late, great Robert Hazard

Tommy Conwell


Best for Last

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

There's just soooo much really good South African music out there now!

Jax Panik | Cigarettes and Cinnamon - be sure to watch the music video all the way to the end! Soon to be huge.

Mango Groove | Special Star - turn up the volume: this will always be a classic fusion of kwela and pop.

Zebra & Giraffe | The Knife - download their debut record 'Collected Memories' on iTunes today!

Anna Davel | As Jou Hart Reg Klop - the jazzy, nightclubby vocals of this Afrikaans chanteuse cannot be beat.

Freshlyground | Ma'Cheri - live at the Sandton Convention Centre.

SleekPelt said...

Rob, that Tommy Conwell song did my heart good. Didn't the Groove Tubes cover that song back in the day? I'm sure I remember Johnny Mac singing that one.

Rob Zero said...

Sleek: I'm about 75% sure that they did indeed cover that song.

Zee said...

Sorry I've been absent on Friday Music the past few weeks. Yes, in fact, the Groove Tubes did cover that Tommy Conwell song at my insistence. I used to love that band.

Obviously, Rob already named any local picks that I actually, like, so here's a South Jersey girl that I never really liked very much, but certainly respect:

Patty Smith.

This band hails from more central/North Jersey, but, as I always understood it, they were "discovered" at a South Jersey Bar where they played all the time.

Keith said...

The Rustic Overtones - C'mon
They were really popular in Maine, but broke up in 2002. There's a chance you might even like these guys.

Paranoid Social Club - Two Girls
I'm less optimistic that you'll be into PSC, but they're one of the most successful local bands in the last few years.

Clash said...

I have been a FM poacher the last few weeks but wanted to let you all know how much I have appreciated your suggestions. It makes loading up the iPod a joy.