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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

I was reading a silly feature in Wired magazine last night about intelligence when I came across something that interested me. Their #10 way to "supercharge your brain" is to employ visual cues to help remember things, which is a method I've used to help me remember things since I can remember. The example they cite is memorizing all of the nations of Africa. I like the idea of being able to locate every African nation, so I've decided to use the exact method they describe -- dividing the continent into five sections and then creating visual cues for each country, one section at a time, until I know them all. I've started with the the northern section, which is easy because I knew most of the five nations anyway. There's Morocco, which I don't need a cue for, then the Atlanta of the north (ATL: Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya). Algeria is particularly easy to remember because it's western border is like an A on its side. Then of course there's Egypt, which I also don't need a cue for. So there -- five countries down, easy as can be. It'll get a bit tougher from here on out, but I'm game.

So this week's topic is music with places in either the song title or the band name. I think I'll get it started.

Links, links, links.


The Dalai Mama said...

Here's my favorite from Beirut.  One of my favorite youtube finds, ever!  My God, it's amazing.  Must see Beirut live.  Here's Postcards From Italy, also by Beirut.  A double whammy!

The Dalai Mama said...

Check out Holland, 1945 on NMH's myspace.  One of my favorite tunes from them.  A sad one, however.

The Dalai Mama said...

One more.

jeffk said...

Let's go with America, if only because more bands should employ three acoustic guitarists.

josh williams said...

I got nothing,I tired just The Sandman calling...Speaking of which wasn't that an America song? I have to copy jeffk because, as I said before, I got nothing.
I remember recording America on cassette tape mixes (before drivers license) for road trips with my folks, thinking and hoping they would enjoy the America tunes, I still like this band. I have not looked and I may but I have no idea what became of them. Huh? Well like I said

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Great topic! Yeah, I read that Wired article and thought, 'Surely people use mnemonics to remember things all the time?' Good luck on those countries - West Africa is a nightmare.

The Lovin' Spoonful Coconut Grove - I love them and The Mamas & The Papas; they remind me of the potential that existed in a world before I was born.

Joni Mitchell California - Haunting and sweet, Joni intimidates me on so many levels.

The Shins Australia - A band filled with such exuberant whimsy, they never fail to make me smile.

Astrud Gilberto Take Me To Aruanda - The woman has a voice like a cool drink on a hot summer night.

R.E.M. All The Way To Reno - It's got a rather languid pace, but is one of my favourites from these guys.

Rob Zero said...

Here's a double whammy. Band AND song have a place in them.

A cheesy classic from the 70s

Rare Replacements

Zee said...

OK, I chose to interpret "places" in very general terms (and Rob beat me to the one I was going to look for).

So, here's one.

And, I've been waiting for the first run of 70 degree days to spring this one, and it works for today's topic as well.

Raoul Duke said...

Billy Joel,Vienna

Devil Mood said...

Haha Africa, that was really predictable! ;)

I've got two:

Supergrass -

Beautiful South -

Matthes said...

New Orleans is Sinking-The Tragically Hip

Matthes said...

I don't know how to work the Google on this internet machine btw.

SleekPelt said...

My friend Jessica can't post but offers the following, one of which echo's Matthes:

They Might Be Giants - Istanbul not Constantinople

The Tragically Hip - New Orleans is Sinking

Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind

SleekPelt said...

Sorry, make that 'echoes,' please.

Anonymous said...

Are we calling out the obvious ones too?

NY, NY - Sinatra
Chicago is my kinda town - same dude
Left my heart in SF - TB
Allentown - Billy of the Joel variety
Charleston - more of a dance
Californication - close enough - RHCP
London Calling - Clash
Amsterdamn - Van Halen/Coldplay (ugh)

"Oh, wham bam, oh Amsterdam (Yeah yeah yeah)
Stone you like nothin' else can (Yeah yeah yeah)" - VH (Eddie, can you hear me?)

All the way to Memphis - Mott the Hoople/Contraband (google to find the members of this supergroup)


getto said...

Double shot:

Anonymous said...

Blind in Texas - W.A.S.P.


Anonymous said...

Going to Miami - Will Smiff
Kokomo - Beach Boys
Sweet Home Chicago - Jake & Elwood version
Streets of Philly - The Boss
Detroit Rock City - KISS (Sleek's fav)
Viva LV - Big E


Crusselldrums said...

Love it!

Okay here are my contributions:

Here's a Two-fer that's heavy on New Jersey references!

Ahhh... a classic!

And to think that this might be the most talented Penn!

moneytastesbad said...

Check out theese songs by my one of my favorite bands, Alabama 3, especially "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" and "Hello, Im Johnny Cash"

Some Disco Biscuits

Never Been To Spain

moneytastesbad said...

My favorite Bee Gees Song

M@ said...

that was a good groove for me to get into.

SleekPelt said...

dm: It was no surprise to me that you threw down Beirut. Excellent choice on the Neutral Milk Hotel as well, but I gotta say you hit me up with a curve ball on the Neil Young. From Rob Zero I would have expected that, but not from you. Good stuff, though.

jeffk: So nice. I think they could have used a fourth acoustic guitar, though, plus an acoustic bass.

josh: I wonder if your folks enjoyed America. Just by a few of your previous posts, I would guess they did.

teoh: I find myself procrastinating on the West Africa countries, but I'm coming along otherwise. The Lovin Spoonful is quite nice, though they could use a couple more acoustic guitars; Joni Mitchell links to the Shins, but I found the live version from the Johnny Cash Show and it's just insanely good; Shins -- I like 'em, I do, but Natalie Portman lied because they didn't change my life, I swear to god; Astrud -- a cool voice indeed. I'm finding, through Friday Music, that I don't know as much about world-music legends as I should; R.E.M. -- I'm not the biggest R.E.M. fan in the world, and they even bug me sometimes. This one's sort of middle of the road. Actually, now that I think of it, I can't really come up with a R.E.M. song that I love.

SleekPelt said...

rob zero: Uncle Tupelo: Oh, so nice. I've finally started to really appreciate this band as of late; KISS -- cheesy? That's the understatement of the year. What's up with Gene acting like this song is worthy of sticking his tongue out? It's a hand-jive song! Posers....; "Portland: -- I dunno, the dueling bands thing bugged me. I would have much preferred a Replacements-only version.

zee: Blues Magoos -- I really dug this, and the staged banter was pretty classic. The Slickee Boys -- why do I get the feeling these boys are having their way with us? The surfboard jam scene is classic.

rd: My brother, you know how to make a guy's day.

SleekPelt said...

devil mood: Supergrass has been a popular band here on Friday Music lately. Cool song, and I really like this video for some reason. It's pretty basic but cool nonetheless; Beautiful South -- I knew their album 0898, as I worked at a record store at the time it came out. This song has a different singer than the version of the band I'm familiar with. The sound is definitely different too.

matthes: Surprise, surprise! Cool song, though. I don't like these guys like you do, but they're growing on me.

jessica: They Might Be Giants -- awesome. I saw them do this song (among others) at the Nyabinghi Dance Hall; Ray Charles -- I hoped someone would suggest this, and I would have listened to it either way.

jiveturkey: There's just too much stuff here to comment on everything, and I only searched some of the non-linked stuff out, but let me just say that you dropping WASP makes me wonder why you don't stop by every Friday. Also, as for KISS, at least you suggested a song that actually does sorta rock. A little. Oh, and props for the Billy Joel, you know that always works for me.

geto boy: I knew someone would suggest Boston, and I sorta dreaded it, but this was actually pretty cool. Those tickets behind the stage must not have been very hot, though.

crusseldrums: Fountains of Wayne -- I really, really liked their first album, but they sort of lost me after that, especially after I saw a live performance on Austin City Limits or some show. This is a nice song, though; Monkees -- I do believe this is the first time the Monkees have been suggested on FM, and that's a bloody shame. Try this for some out-of-the-ordinary Monkees; Michael Penn -- and to think I expected to click on the link and see the Chris Penn dance-training scene from Footloose. Michael rules all and this song is fantastic.

getto said...

It seems that most of the time that I post up on Friday music you end up dreading it in some way. Man, I am good!

moneytastesbad said...

Two more for ya

From the David Letterman Show: Loretta Lynn and Jack White - Portland, Oregon

Loretta Lynn and George Jones - Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

SleekPelt said...

$: Alabama 3 -- I'm going to have to check out more, but I like them, and they fit the country kick I've been on as of late; Disco Biscuits -- I've heard of these cats, but I'm not sure I've ever listened to them. KISS is more disco than this band!; Hanson -- now this is money. Excellent suggestion; Bee Gees -- amazingly, KISS is even more disco than this! And I can even karaoke along with this version; Loretta, Jack & George -- it would be impossible to go wrong with these combinations. Impossible.

m@: I'm glad you found something to groove to!

geto boy: Seeing as how you try to post stuff I don't like, it's no wonder! But like I said, I didn't mind this Boston at all. Sorry, pal!

moneytastesbad said...

Im your hookup for the Alabama 3. I am bordering on being obsessive about them.

Also I have burned some CD's for your kids that I need to get to you

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Oops! The Johnny Cash Show version of Joni's song was the one I meant to link to. I just clicked that Woodstock is of course also a place. It's my favourite Joni Mitchell song so far.