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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

And so does my blog friend Devil Mood. She's super cool, loves music, and has a great blog over at Love is Stronger than Pride that you should definitely check out. This week she's guest hosting "Friday Music."

She picked a great topic, which she explains well:

My request is that people provide links to music that reminds them of "Teen Love". I specifically highlighted that I don't mean songs that talk about teen love but the songs that remind people of their teenage loves. (It can be both if it's the case, of course).
So reminisce and suggest away. Please post links!


M@ said...

Teen love? You had teen love? Poor bastard.

The Dalai Mama said...

On last week's Friday music, crusseldrums mentioned "jr. high boner-dancing."  I'm sure he indulged in this classic of my (and presumably his) angst-ridden teenage years of lust and love. 

The Dalai Mama said...

I can't resist offering up this little gem. Takes me back to 9th grade.

The Dalai Mama said...

I love these themed Friday Music posts.  They just come to me.  Every time.  It's like the floodgates open. 




Clash said...

Man, those were the years, huh? Teen Love is almost an oxymoron since we had no freakin’ idea what was going on.

I don’t even think my balls had dropped when my first real crush dedicated this to me on WPLJ out of NYC way back when it was still a rock station. It was my first and only radio dedication and I took a good ribbing for it the following day in school from my boys, but she was soooooo hot!

Clash said...

Another one that actually meant something at the time.

missalister said...

Hey there, Sleekpelt, I hear Devil Mood’s gonna be the next Karen Bliss. Just came from LISTP... Hey, it’s pretty cool here. Never been by to check it out...although I do feel my brain churning over possible causes of forgetfulness in your other life... =:-O Anyway, here’s my teen love song.
Oh, be still my heart...

Stephanie said...

Visiting by way of Devil Mood's blog...

I have to say I'm happy to see all of the past (and present?) hair metal fans on here :)

Here's mine. Yeah. I know.

Crusselldrums said...

This is a bit embarrassing... but here goes:


ANOTHER (earlier than teen... but the first "love song I remember singing).

and I will leave you with this FAMILY TIES LOVE SONG GEM.

Rob Zero said...

I'm kinda stumped by this topic. All I could come up with is this

SleekPelt said...

missalister: Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! The forgetfulness was caused by cruising through life on auto-pilot. I try to take more control now, so more years don't just fade to the mists of time. (This blog helps!)

stephanie: Welcome! I look forward to checking out your blog this weekend.

crusseldrums: You stole my Billy Vera! Argh! I better hurry up with my suggestions before someone else horks my next gem!

SleekPelt said...

Okay, Devil Mood, I've really thought long and hard about this. The DM already posted "Love Bites," which would have been on my list, and Crusseldrums posted "At This Moment," which is also a good one for me. I also considered posting "Stairway to Heaven" from my camp days, but I didn't want to do that to you. So I'm going to go with two songs that I specifically remember listening to during make-out sessions, the first of which is one of the best make-out songs ever written.

"Purple Rain"

Jeff Healey (RIP)
"Angel Eyes"

moneytastesbad said...

I am a man, who will fight for you honor.
Ill be the hero, you are dreaming of.
We'll live forever...

Oh, shit. my bad....Wax On - Wax Off

Next Question...

How do you add links in your comments?

SleekPelt said...

$tasesbad: Like this.

moneytastesbad said...

Then there is this. :-)

I couldn't find the original, but this will do.

Devil Mood said...

Oh my. This is going to be a busy musical weekend :D

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll get to them right away!

I'm trying to disguise my enthusiasm, as I'm supposed to be "super cool" ;)

Devil Mood said...

Dalai Mama, you know, most of those songs are actually new to me! lol My teen loves were back in the 90s and even though I have a strange soft-spot for 80s music, I'm limited to what Vh1 presents :P

The first two songs I knew: Love Bites is great and the Vanilli guy...there's definitely a teen vibe there. :)
Skid Row: I want his hair.
Bad English: I remember this name but I don't think I heard them before. Is it too bad if I say the songs sound very similar to each other?
The Jets: I can definitely picture being a teenager and listening to this.
Steelheart: A video in the midst of Wild Landscapes never fails, does it? ;)

The thing with this theme is that you really had to be there! And I like that. Thanks!

Devil Mood said...

Clash: Hey, that's two songs from the year I was born ;P
Every Breath you Take has stood the test of time and will be a love song for all generations, I think. I didn't know Journey but if anyone had dedicated that song to me on the radio, I'd keep it close to my heart forever and ever ;) I love it when he's playing the guitar in front of the mirror haha

Devil Mood said...

Miss Alister: Damn, I can't listen to the song. Something about media rights usage, a frog and the song not playing :(
I had to google Karen Bliss :P

Stephanie: Oh that's so nice :) Timeless. Ageless.

CHUD said...

I remember it like yesterday. The big Jr. High dance, 3 swigs of Mad Dog and the rubber I carried around in my wallet from 1985 until . . . well, I'm sure it is still good. These songs set the mood right.

Devil Mood said...

Crusseldrums: You've unveiled a side of KISS that I didn't really know. Violins? Red roses? Little kids singing along?
38 Special is another band I haven't heard of. My 80s knowledge is increasing a lot today.
Billy Vera - isn't it great when the crowd goes wild just waiting for one last word "Agaaain." ;)
I loved Family Ties.

Rob Zero: So cool! You know, I didn't like Guns'n'Roses back then and now I do? I know, it's hard to understand how that happens!

Sleekpelt: haha
Jeff Healey, I love his voice (different from the cringy ones many 80s singers had).
And Purple Rain is eternal. I imagine people going pretty crazy at that song when it came out. :)

Clash said...

devil mood: Yikes, you made me feel really old. My songs were from the year you were born. :) BTW, very cool topic.

dali mama: A great set list! I told Sleek how well you nailed the 80's Friday Music and you continue to impress.

stephanie: I was going to add that one today!

crusseldrums: There are no bad choices here and I've seen my share of Southern Rock shows, including 38 Special.

I was going to post a Kiss link just to make Sleek's day. Har!

Sleek: Purple Rain has stood the test of time and still resonates with me.

Chud: Nice! I spun up Summer of 69as well. Chicks loved Richard Marx but it was many years later until I publicly admitted knowing some lyrics.

g2thelow said...

Wow, everyone's taking me back a couple of decades!

Remember this one? 

Then there is the one that will, in my mind, forever be the epitomy of "teen love." 

SleekPelt said...

devil mood: You didn't know you were dealing with a bunch of 30-somethings over here, I bet! I'd like to hear the songs you'd choose.

g2thelow said...

Many people don't realize this, but I dated pop star Cyndi Lauper for a few years in the '80s.

No, seriously.

The Dalai Mama said...

devil mood: Can you link some 90s songs that take you back to the teen love days? I was all into grunge in the 90s and have trouble thinking of love songs from that era.

g2: I was thisclose to linking "Eternal Flame." Also, Cassie once found a cassette tape in Rob's car back in the day. Guess what was on it? "Take My Breath Away" over and over and over and over. I always give Rob hell about that.

Devil Mood said...
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Clash said...

Can't view your links, DM.

Devil Mood said...

Moneytastesbad: i like that Dear Nikki! It works,even in bad live quality so it must be good :)
Oh my God, the Glory of Love, I know that one (makes a change!)

Chud: Bryan Adams works in every decade and generation. His old songs still have a lot of airplay in portuguese radio.
Oh and Richard Marx too! I remember liking that song when I was a kid. :)

G2thelow: Yes, I think both of those are the epithoms! I remember being next to my older cousin while she cried about boyfriends and listening to Eternal Flame. ha!

Devil Mood said...

Will fix them!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

I don't know anything about teen love, I'm afraid. But I wrote the book on teen lust. So many naughty thoughts. Sorry if my teenage years don't fit the mould - guess I'm a freak! So here's a couple of tracks that set my pubescent loins ablaze...

The Cardigans: Erase/Rewind - From a day of new experiences.

Placebo: Pure Morning - From kissing games at teenage parties.

Sarah Brightman: Eden - From the day I almost made a big mistake.

Depeche Mode: World In My Eyes - After all of the lies, my consolation prize.

Patsy Cline: Crazy - From the day I discovered self-love is the first step.

Devil Mood said...

Ok, this is what I came up with. I could be here all night. What's the time of your life when you listen to more music? In my case, that's my teens and especially when I was loved-up. ;)

There's songs from various parts of teen-dom:
actually one of the songs that most remind me of teen love is from the 80s!!Yikes!

Here's one from pre-teen-love :)

My favourite of all time.

A Classic.

Late90s Love

Don't forget her.

Very meaningful.

Sleekpelt: I had the notion that there would be a lot of 80s posting (from the previous Fridays) but I probably didn't expect this extent! ;)

Devil Mood said...

Electric Orchid:
Finally some 90s music! I'm sure Erase/Rewind worked when one was about to make mistakes ;)
Pure Morning brings back a lot of memories as well. I listened to that on repeat.
I can't view the Depeche Mode video "in my country" they say...but I love that old Patsy Cline classic :)
Sarah Brightman - very new age!

Clash said...

Just when I thought we were too far apart, you throw down some Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Jovi, and even a Vision Quest soundtrack cut. Nice!

I'm checking out some of the others that "I have never heard of." :)

Erin O'Brien said...

I fell in love at summer camp to Runaway in 1979.

Crusselldrums said...

Wow... Madonna's "Crazy For You" makes me think about the movie "Vision Quest"! Anyone else? I had a major "thing" for Linda Fiorentino.

And check out the soundtrack:

I have to re-purchase that one!

The Dalai Mama said...

devil mood: I love, love, love "Disarm." Reminds of the good old college days.

Devil Mood said...

Clash: Music skips generations, that's the beauty of it :)

Erin: No wonder you fell in love, that's really romantic!

Crusselldrums: I'm afraid I'm completely ignorant about that film, but I hope it brought you nice memories.

DM: It's a fantastic song :) but I had a lot of trouble choosing from the Pumpkins' collection.

josh williams said...

I think I will save my picks until next Friday...I am as a rule never late, however my credit score based on my punctuality is lowering. How about Samuel Barbers, Adagio for Strings ...Yes I have offord this before but forgive me Its late,Friday and it is worth repeating.

I chose the Leonard Slatkin version because this is the first interpretation I discovered. I heard this one night 20 years ago on Public Radio and found it without remembering the name of the song or orchestra...(realizing later that this may not have been the first time I heard this dity)I somehow came home with the CD and played it loud! Its some great blues...

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Hey devil mood, get your Depeche Mode fix here.
Dalai Mama
Devil Mood
Depeche Mode
There are DM's everywhere!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Oh, and DM (the Satanic Humor one, not the Ocean of Motherliness), I just love that Blur song. A lot of memories, also with their song The Universal.

Devil Mood said...

Josh: That's wonderful! It moved me.

Electric Hunter: haha Yes, lots of DMs. I've never been called the one with Satanic Humour but it's really funny!
Oh Blur are great. I never got over them :)

Niall said...

Hi..I'm here via DM's site.My teens were in the 1970's..but right slap bang at the end of the 1970's was a little known musical called 'Xanadu'..Olivia Newtron bomb stared alongside Gene Kelly in her next film directly after Grease.The title song reminds me of a couple of girl friends...if only they'de looked like Olivia! (the song by the way was by the Electric Light Orchestra..)

Zee said...

Damn..I had a good one, but after 43 comments, it looks like this topi is done to death. Thats what I get for not logging in 'till Saturday afternoon!

I'll save mine for another relevant topic.

SleekPelt said...

niall: Welcome! Olivia Newtron-Bomb -- man, I like that. I was absolutely obsessed with her as a kid, and she was smokin' in Xanadu. My wife was laughing as I sang every word to the theme song.

zee: Man, I gotta hear your song/s. I would guess Bon Jovi is in there somewhere....

Devil Mood said...

Niall: The video is great! Happy vibes! You and your australians ;)

Sleekpelt: It was my pleasure! Thanks for thinking of me :)

Clash said...
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