Reversing the Numbness

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tagged 2

I was tagged by the DM. It's the one where you just list five things about yourself and then tag other people.

1. If I could have dinner with any living person, I'd choose Gillian McKeith. She's bloody awesome.
2. I think it would be extremely weird to see photos of the ten people throughout time who have looked the most like me. Not including relatives of course.
3. I used to make beer and I probably will again one day.
4. I once broke two fingers playing spin the bottle.
5. I became a pescetarian a few years ago on Thanksgiving. It was instant and definite.

I don't mind being tagged, but I'm sheepish in tagging because I don't know if people really like to do them, and some blogs seem a bit too structured (Teoh). But I'll pick: Rob Zero, Dalyn, Inarticulate Fumblings, EoB, and good ol' Josh Williams. This tagging is so optional that I'm not even going to leave comments on your blogs -- if you read this and you want to do it, word.


The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Must've been some Spin The Bottle game! Well, let me share my good business right here in the comments, then. Uh, lets see...

1. I enjoy poetry with strong rhyme or rhythm. It's meant to be read aloud, after all.
2. I feel guilty for not blogging regularly, and then feel guilty when I do devote time to it.
3. I often doubt whether I could be a good scientist: I'm much too unfocused. And hate labwork. I'll probably end up in science journalism, which is where I belong.
4. I was the Mortal Kombat II champion of the arcade back in the '90s. Don't think I'd remember any of the moves now, though.
5. Coming out is an ongoing process for me - I came out to close friends in high school, but only came out to my parents a little over a year ago (they still love me as much as they ever did). I still find it difficult, though. I guess I don't trust people easily. A lot of friends and all of my family still don't know.

SleekPelt said...

teoh: Great idea. If anybody I tagged would rather just do them as comments on this post, have at. Interesting things you've posted. I don't know enough about science to know if you'd be a good scientist, but as a journalist, I have no doubt you would excel as a writer. You already do. I was really good an earlier karate game -- I don't remember what it was called, but you used two joysticks -- and I still remember how to flip someone and then drop them with a round-house kick. (Left up, right down for the flip, then both inward for the roundhouse.) And no wonder you've had trouble coming out with people like Sally Kern in the world. At least you have great parents.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

O.k., brother. I took you up on your challenge. Come check it out.

*dalyn said...

hey Sleek, you're ON!
here ya go....

Helen Mansfield said...

Eww. All Gillian would want to examine your tongue, talk about your zinc levels and about your poos.

She'd make a killer gaspacho though.

Anonymous said...

Helen: I love that woman. There would be very little about my diet that she would disapprove of. When you're married to the DM, you eat extremely healthful food!

M@ said...

Stirring up some shit, I see.

rebecca said...

Yeah, but did you get the kiss? Depending on where the bottle landed, that could have rated a hell of a sympathy kiss.


I couldn't not eat fish. Yum!

Melissavina said...

Who were you playing Spin the Bottle with that you ended up with broken bones?

josh williams said...

A little late here.

1: I knew someone with webbed toes when I was a kid.

2:I have never been noodling.

3:I wear boxer briefs.

4:I count outloud to 60 when I chew, it aids in proper digestion.

5:I would like to hold an office in the senate, just for the benefits.