Reversing the Numbness

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Finger

I've decided to make a post anyone can use to give something the finger. I know it's a negative post, but it's just what I'm feelin' tonight.

I'm going to start by giving dementia the finger. I've lost three very close relatives to dementia, and I'll never forgive it. If it ever grabs hold of me, do me a favor and cut it off at the pass.

This one's for you, dementia.


Clash said...

Dementia is a cruel thief in the night that has affected my world as well, Sleek. I emphatically second the finger on that bitch!

Hattica said...

Here are two big middle ones aimed at your enemy.

Sorry to hear. Respects.

Zee said...

There are way too many things that I give The Finger to on a daily basis to list them all. this post rules. I salute The Finger. the very idea of The Finger--the empowerment of making a simple gesture and saying so much--makes me smile.

I give The Finger to anyone who does not give The Finger to something.

Rob Zero said...

I give American Idol the finger.

I (sort of) understand the appeal of the show, but I just can't take it anymore. My wife watches it religiously, and most of the time I can find something else to do. Last night, I just went to bed at 8:45 and read the Warren Zevon biography.

Listening to those "talents" destroy the Beatles last week was just too much for me.

Devil Mood said...

Fortunately I wasn't faced with that reality in my near family but I imagine how terrible it is. The body is still there but sometimes it must be hard to recognize the person. :(

On a happier note, I'm so delighted you asked me to host Friday Music! Yes, yes, yes! What do I have to do? Post about friday music, with a theme and ask for music, like you usually do? :)

Fleming said...

Puck Fitt!

Simon Sterwin said...

Sorry to hear that, Sleek.

I guess I'll give the finger to Tom Cruise, for being a delusional meglomaniac freak.

Eric said...

we can send a person to the moon, but I can't buy a jacket in which the zipper doesn't get stuck.

i give one to all coat manufacturers and zipper scientists for not being able to make a non-stickable zipper.

let'em suck on that for a while.

SleekPelt said...

clash: It is, man, it's horrible. Death before dementia. The day my grandmother and dear great-aunts finally died were happy days.

hattica: Thanks!

zee: Great one!

rob: Yeah, I give it the finger too.

devil: Yes, at one point the person is altogether gone, no longer alive, just a shell of a person, a humanoid with a swiss-cheese brain. It sucks.

As for Friday Music -- great! If you don't mind using e-mail, shoot me a note at and I'll tell you what's up. If you'd rather me just tell you on-blog, that's cool too. I totally understand that some people prefer to keep e-mail addresses private.

fleming: Here here! Michigan, too!

simon: Thanks, mate. I'll raise my finger in Tom's general direction right along with you.

eric: I have an offender hanging on my coat rack right in front of me. Of course I didn't actually pay for the jacket, so it doesn't anger me as much, but still.

josh williams said...

I raise the holy digit to all the hours trying to remedy computer related glitch's.

Clash said...

Green beans. Hate um. There, I said it. FU, green beans.

That felt pretty damn good. Long live the under-rated Lima bean!

Matthes said...

I second that F.U to American Idol, I also would like to give one out to Hertz who always "accidently" charges me 12 bucks a gallon to fill my already full rental car.

M@ said...

I worked in a nursing home briefly.... Thanks for reminding me.

getto said...

Man, right now I'd have to give one up for taxes. Specifically Taxcut. Countless hours later and still can't find the damn error so I can submit the bastards. GRRRR!
Oh yea, and DOOK!

SleekPelt said...

josh: I don't have too many computer problems, but then again I'm on a Mac. :)

clash: That just means more green beans for me. (Keep your hands off my limas!)

matthes: Not a surprise from a traveling man like yourself.

m@: Wow, I didn't know you worked in Strom Thurmon's office. I'd try to forget that too!

geto boy: Man, I can't believe you're so against the happiness of ferrets.

getto said...

I was actually refering to Duke University. But "Teabag" Paulus does remind me of a ferret and the way they played WVU did resemble a "weasel war dance." Also, Wikepedia defined "Dook" best as "feces or 'dookie'".

Helen Mansfield said...

I'll give the old eff you to:

Gas prices
Lima beans

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

I would like to give The Finger to failed RNA extractions and time wasted in the lab on inconsequential nonsense. I'd like to stick it to declined proposals, budget cuts, communication gaps, rejected papers, short-sighted professors, red tape, bureaucracy, undergrad idiots, certification, background noise, printer jams, personality clashes, browser add-ons, dust, registration fees, contamination, expired buffers, calibration errors, subjective scoring and anything and anyone else that gets in the way of scientific progress. Oh, and red spider mites, powdery mildew, influenza A(H5N1) and E. coli O157:H7. Suck it.

There. I'm done.

getto said...

Maybe the next post should be for things that make you happy, in honor of TEOH.

Rob Zero said...

This morning, I give root canal the finger.

Christ, my mouth hurts.

The Dalai Mama said...

eric:  If they'd make the damn things with metal (like they used to back in the day) instead of effing plastic, they'd be a whole lot better.  Constantly battling zippers around here.

I'll throw a finger to everything already mentioned, plus Xavier.  I hope we kick their asses tonight.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Thanks, getto. Hopefully that list will be longer.

*dalyn said...

i LOVE teoh's list! i just wish i knew what some of them were!
i'm gonna lift that special digit to every person that says to me in that annoying sing-song voice - "just you waaaiiiit!!" in reference to how i plan to raise my future children. since announcing pregnancy this is ALL i hear and im flippin' sick of it!!!! *d

Raoul Duke said...

Here's one for you DEATH.

you should know better than to come for children before their parents.

SleekPelt said...

Excellent middle-fingers galore. Well done, everyone.