Reversing the Numbness

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Shoo-In

There was a cover story in USA Today yesterday about Brett Favre's recently announced retirement. Here is a direct quote from said story, by Larry Weisman:

"With his all-but-certain Hall of Fame career on a late upswing and the Green Bay Packers resurgent, 38-year-old Brett Favre chose this moment to announce a retirement hinted at repeatedly over past years and seemingly more likely then than now."

Um ... excuse me? Did he say "all-but-certain"?

Brett Favre could cheat on his wife with a hotel maid, then kill her with a hunting knife, then admit to betting on the Packers to lose in the playoffs this year, and he would still be a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame. The only question whatsoever about this guy is: Is he the greatest quarterback who ever played the game? His place in the Hall was secure long ago.

All-but-certain? Please.


josh williams said...

I have nothing, I don't follow football but I do know his last name irritates me.

Clash said...

I would go as far as to say that footage of him doing a few lines of blow off a hooker’s ass in a Pete Rose threesome could surface and he is still in.

getto said...

Clash, nice!
Sleek- Step away from the pipe... John Elway is the greatest QB of all time! Damn, fool!

SleekPelt said...

josh: Yes, it's beyond strange.

clash: Exactly.

geto boy: Here we go, Mr. Colorado. I didn't say Favre is the best ever, I said he's in the conversation. The whole point of the post was that saying it's "all but certain" that Favre will be in the HoF is insanity.

But I'll say it now, since you wanna play: Favre was better than Elway. Just as many rings, more wins, more TDs, more yards, more completions, more wins, more MVPs (three, the only player to ever do that), and the most insane stat of all: 275 consecutive starts, including playoff games. That is inhuman. Dude started for the first time for Green Bay in the fourth game of 1992 and then proceeded to start in EVERY SINGLE GAME UNTIL HE RETIRED A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO.

Sorry, Geto Boy. Elway was the man and I saw that dude do some truly magical things, but Favre was better. ;)

getto said...

You questioned him as the greatest ever. Just to clarify- only one ring. Elway has two. Plus Favre leads in career int's at 288 and addiction to pain killers. Now that I have had time to consider his status as a role model, I think I will get my kid a #4 jersey and a bottle of Oxy.
PS. David Garrard is the best ever. And anyway, I thought you were a Stillers fan?

Matthes said...

I cannot stand oatmeal, people who are egotistical,grapefruit and Brett Favre.

Yes, he's a great QB but I really wonder how much is because hes an old white guy. When he throws into triple coverage and gets picked off he's "just trying to make something happen" but if David Garrard does that it "thats a bad throw".

It's not Bretts fault that announcers absolutely s**k him off every time he's on TV, but except for this past year, he's been a VERY average QB the last 5 years.

I feel better now...

SleekPelt said...

geto boy: I said that's the question with him, which means I think he's in the conversation. I stand corrected on the rings.

matthes: I watched the guy play for his whole career and that's what I base my opinion on. I can't believe you just compared Brett Favre to David Gerrard like that. I like Gerrard, but c'mon. I love oatmeal and grapefruit, but I'm with you on the ego thing.

getto said...

I was just playin' with the David Garrard thing. I actually think Jeff George is the greatest. EVER.

SleekPelt said...

geto boy: I'm a Testaverde guy. No, Mark Malone.