Reversing the Numbness

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year's!

The DM and I are in Las Vegas getting ready to ring in the new year as Robbie Maddison and his Honda CR500 fly over our heads. I'll be doing a little blogging over at our Racer X travel blog, so feel free to stop on by.

Happy New Year's!


getto said...

Be safe and have FUN. Happy New Year's guys! We'll be thinking about youze tomorrow night.

Airam said...

Happy New Year!

truelapper said...

Hey all, hope you have a great new year! I go to court on the 31st to make my divorce final. It's a good thing... I love my baby girl!

Devil Mood said...

Happy New Year :)

Raoul Duke said...

happy new year you guys! hope you are having a great time in Vegas.

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

Vegas should be a good time for New Years, so I hope you have one.
I hope that boy makes his jump too, I'm not a big fan of any thing that can kill or maim if something go wrong. I guess the guy planning on jumping his truck broke his back in about 6 places in practice. Uhhhhh
How about that stupid Travis Pastrana jumping out of an air plane with no parachute? Thinning of the herd, Darwin Awards.
Have a safe and happy.....

SleekPelt said...

geto boy: Thanks -- same to you!

airam: I hope you have big, fun plans!

truelapper: Welcome back! I'm glad things are working out.

devil mood: You're probably celebrating by now!

rd: Same to you and C, my brother.

mom: It's hard to get into the minds of people like this. Robbie's really smart and I think he'll nail it tonight. It's going to be nuts. Hope yours is great too!

olives and more said...

AWESOME!!!! I hope you guys have soooo much fun.. Hope the jump goes well. Tell the DM I said hey! Love you guys!!!! CIAO!

Zee said...

Happy New Year Sleek, DM and the entire RtN family!

Clash said...


Great job on the blog! Robbie seems like a cool cat.

Flying to Anaheim in the morning or I would have headed out for the jump. That was crazy!

josh williams said...

Fashionably late again. Cheers JW

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

I've kept all my resolutions, so far. The local farm animals are happy for this. I have not smoked a cigarette or eaten one gefelta fish.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Wow... that must have been amazing to watch. Great job on the post. Happy New Year to you and DM.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

I hope you have a brilliant 2008! I know I am; it's finally gonna be my year!

SleekPelt said...

Wow, I just realized I missed some comments.

olive: Wasn't my girl so sweet tonight? :|

zee: I hope your first wedded new year was kick ass!

clash: He's great, you'll like him. Too bad you guys didn't make it out for the festivities!

josh: I always just consider you early for the next week. Cheers!

mom: I'm proud of you, mom.

IF: It was crazy! Same to you guys.

teoh: Here's a belated present for you, teoh. Have a great year!

g2thelow said...

Oh yeah....happy new year's everybody.

My resolutions:

1. Quit smokin--

...never mind.

Anonymous said...