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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Movies We Know Most of the Lines To

These are mine:


getto said...

"Some Kind of Wonderful" is right up there on my list of all time fav's. I know most of the words to it. I can pretty much quote these movies word for word:
"Animal House"
"American Flyers"

Helen Mansfield said...

I worry about today's youth, not having a John Hughes to make movies that speak to them, and creating a soundtrack to their lives.

Rob Zero said...

Movies I can talk along with:
- True Romance
- The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
- The Jerk
- Take the Money & Run

Devil Mood said...

I need to see Hair, can't believe I haven't yet.

Mine would be:
Home Alone I and II
Look who's talking
(kids films)

and some Woody Allen ones.

Eric said...

dumb and dumber
"it feels like you're running at an incredible rate Harry!"

"there's no amount of money."

the jerk (good call RZ)
"these cans are defective! he hates these cans!"

team america
"i promise. i will never die."

The Dalai Mama said...

I have to say that memorizing movie lines isn't one of my strong suits. I don't think there are any I could consistently quote lines from. If there was one, I'm sure it would be "Coal Miner's Daughter".

Also, I think it's super-annoying when I'm watching a movie and someone is saying all the lines. Sorry, Sleek. I know you already know that, though.

Melissavina said...

Ooh, good post.
Mine are as follows:

Waiting for Guffman
Super Troopers
A Christmas Story
Sleepless in Seattle
Dazed and Confused

Now I have to go scrounge up a Wednesday post...

Matt A said...

'This is Spinal Tap' - and I'm sure I'm not the only one on that.

'Sexy Beast' - it always help if there is a very quotable character in the film.


'Bugsy Malone' - from my youth.

Zee said...

Bugsy Malone. No theres a movie I haven't thought about in years.

Fletch. Bad 80s movie, but I can pretty much recite it.

As for Some Kind of Wonderful, people like me, who happened to see Beverly Hills Cop before SKoW, have a hard time watching it without waiting for Keith's dad to say, "Look kid, I don't have time to hear about your love life. I have my own problems over here. Me and Billy got tagged by Bogamill to babysit some smartass street cop from Detroit who rolled into town in crappy blue Chevy Nova the other day. He's been making us look bad with the kind of resourcefullness and clever (though slightly unconstitutional) law enforcement tactics that only an inner-city cop would know. He's brash, fearless, reckless, has no regard for authority and no respect for other people's rights, and, worst of all, I think he may be onto something. He ruined the buffet at the Harlequin Club, found evidence of a major drug smuggling operation and disabled a police car with a banana all in one day. Did I mention that he conned his way into a room at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons and got thrown through a fucking window? Now quit bothering me about this floozy."

Am I right or what?

The Dalai Mama said...

zee: You rock!

Eric said...

"excuse me, can I borrow your towel for a sec., my car just hit a water buffalo."

"well it's one louder isn't it."
Spinal Tap

Helen Mansfield said...

I'm itching to start tapping out a bunch of Monty Python bits, but I really don't know you people well enought to release my inner geek.

Ecky ecky gollygolly ZOOMBA!

SleekPelt said...

geto boy: Classics -- though I haven't seen American Flyers.

helen: Welcome! I worry too.

rob: I'm pretty solid on True Romance, and I know some of the choice lines in the Jerk. Are you partial to movies that start with T?

devil mood: Definitely watch it! My Woody Allen history is limited, but I like what I've seen.

eric: Roadhouse? That's awesome. I bet you also know how to tear a throat out. And I can't believe I haven't seen Team America yet.

dm: Is that why you've never watched those movies with me?

melissavina: I knew I'd forget one! I can get most of Dazed and Confused. I can also do very well with Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant's Holiday. Super Troopers is a riot! Great list.

matt a: I know most of Spinal Tap too. The others are new to me.

zee: Dude, you are so right.

eric: Keep 'em comin'!

helen: Ha! I'll release mine, then.

Matt A said...

‘Sexy Beast’ is all about Ben Kingsley’s performance. His character sent to Spain to bring a retired crook (played by Ray Winstone) back to England for one last job. And he won’t take no for an answer.

As they say in these parts: “When Ben Kingsley is good, he is very good. But when he is bad, he is Ghandi.”

This clip is not for those offended by bad language at the cinema.

Bugsy Malone is one of Alan Parker’s early films, and it’s basically a musical gangster movie with kids playing adults. Scott Baio and Jodie Foster are both in it. I haven’t seen it for 20 years (and I think I like it that way), but I still remember a load of quotes from it.

Raoul Duke said...

The Lost Boys
Summer School

I would bet a significant amount of money on any of these as I have seen each of these atleast 50 times.

Raoul Duke said...

American Flyers is classic, Getto. That movie pumps you up in a Rocky sort of way.

I will also add Dazed and Confused, but I thought that was understood.

josh williams said...

Godfather 1 & 2
Monty Python

getto said...

I used to race road bikes growing up in Colorado. I would watch "American Flyers" religiously before each race, thinking it would inspire me. No inspiration, but I would toss a line out every now and again while riding.