Reversing the Numbness

Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

What I really need, though, is to get back into my routine! (That includes blogging frequently again; look for a video post soon.) Today will be a big day at my desk, and I need some good tunes to get me through it. I'm going to start with the songs I got last week, since I haven't had time to get to them, and then I'll move on to this week's suggestions. As always, I'll respond to everything and I appreciate links.


Rob Zero said...

Willie Nelson w/The Supersuckers - "Bloody Mary Morning"

Hattica said...

Mississippi Queen - Mountain

Give me Shelter - Rolling Stones

Black Magic Woman - Santana

Then some modern stuff...

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park

Life is beautiful - Sixx (AM)Nikki Sixx

When you were young - The Killers

All this is on my Itunes.

Devil Mood said...

I don't know what you like exactly.
I've been listening to Lhasa - especially a great song called My Name.
It's in the 'calm side' :)

SleekPelt said...

rob: Killer. Just killer.

hattica: I'll respond to yours this weekend, though I've listened to all of them already. Good stuff!

devil mood: I want to listen to what you like! I'll start with Lhasa, but if you have more, please post them and I'll try them all. Thanks!

Zee said...

This, and This. Note the chair come floating back across the stage after he kicks it out in the second one.

Anonymous said...

This perhaps the best Rolling Stones song out there:

very complex guitar riffs here...Love it.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Happy New Year - let's party like it's... 1988! If you're a guy wearing makeup, come on in - no long-hair rockers allowed! Yes, for my theme for this Friday feature is all the kitschy glam joy the 80's has to offer! Woohoo!

Toto Coelo I Eat Cannibals [1982] - A fun way to get this party started: just don't eat the host, okay? Twisted.

Blancmange Living on the Ceiling [1982] - Bands don't have vocalists like these anymore; although they don't quite top those of the guy from Men Without Hats... Quirky.

Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm [1985] -
This couldn't be anything but gorgeous: after all, it's produced by Trevor Horn of Art of Noise. Filmic.

New Order Blue Monday [1983] - You can recognize it instantly; it's not the biggest selling 12" of all time for nothing... and the throbbing Moog bassline does it for me everytime. Groovy.

Tom Tom Club Genius of Love [1980] - The most underrated spin-off band ever. They're half of Talking Heads, and half from the future. Funky.

Wang Chung Dance Hall Days [1984] - The lyrics never did make much sense to me, but there's something here I just like. Poignant.

Mozzart Money [1987] - The essence of German Hi-NRG, produced by Manfred Perilano (who is also known by his stage name, 'Fancy'). Ridiculous.

getto said...

Man, TEOH just took me back to JR. High. Loving the fact that "Blue Monday" is on the new Dance Revolution video- it's like clubbing in High School without the posers and cigarettes.
Oh yea, on that note:

SleekPelt said...

I've listened to everything, just haven't had time to respond. Tonight!

SleekPelt said...

hattica: The first three made for a nice old-school mix. Stones twice in a day; nice. The Linkin Park sounded like very much not like Linkin Park, and the same goes with Nikki Sixx. That Killers tune is great. Thanks!

devil mood: Lhasa De Sala -- wow. I love this woman. What a background she has! I couldn't find "My Name," but I love everything on her MySpace dealio.

zee: The Queen and the king! Excellent submissions this week, pal. I like most Queen, and this is one of my favorites.

anon: Yeah, that kicks ass. Thanks!

SleekPelt said...

teoh: Man, I loved me some new wave music in the '80s (still do), but your '80s track list is waaaayyy different than mine would be. I haven't even heard of half of this stuff! Toto -- who? This is crazy. I kept expecting to see Amy Poehler on there; Blancmange -- who? Actually, this song sounds familiar. Pretty cool; Grace -- cool song and a great video; New Order -- I don't know much by this band, I definitely know this one. Killer song; Tom Tom Club -- man, that's old-school; I was 8! Cool song and neat video; Wang Chung -- but "Everybody Wang Chung tonight!" made all the sense in the world!; Mozzart -- who? Oh, wait, I know this song. Or does it just sound like something I know? I think somebody got a sound-effects tape just before recording this. Thanks for the flashback!

geto boy: Nena! I was nuts for this song! I could sing both versions, of course. I always thought it was hot when she sang "Everyone's a superhero, everyone's a Captain Kirk." Dug her accent on that part. Great, great suggestion.

Thanks, guys!

Devil Mood said...

That's great! I'm glad you liked her. Even though I prefer her songs in spanish, My Name is really intense. Perhaps you can try some illegal downloading ;) or...if you have a big maibox, I can send the song to you, if you like :)

Zee said...

It was actually Queen and the Killer....get it? Killer Queen. ha.