Reversing the Numbness

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Who's the guy on Twenty-One Jump Street?

If you're a fan of Homestar Runner, one of the funniest sites on the inter-web for some seven years now, then you already know the answer.

Started as a goof by two brothers in 2000, Homestar Runner has become a true internet phenomenon and straight-up cultural icon. Homestar Runner himself is the loveable, armless buffoon for which the site is named. Homestar, Strong Bad, his sidekick The Cheat, and a legion of whimsical characters that comprise the Homestar Universe are featured in a hodge-podge of 3 minute cartoons, songs, commercial parodies and random funny things. There are even cartoons and games that are "created by" the characters themselves (such as Strong Bad's Teen Girl Squad).

Every few months I become obsessed with HSR. I watch everything on the site 5 times over and then tire of it and forget about it, only to re-discover it all over again months later. Guess where we're at right now?

I could waste your time rambling on about everything great on Homestar Runner or you could just go there and see for yourself. So what are you waiting for already?

Feel free to ask what my favorites are if you are overwhelmed. Enjoy.


SleekPelt said...

Wow, this a new site for me, Zee. I just watched "Teen Girl Squad 13" and loved it. I especially liked the short bit with the hip-hoppers. Great link!

Zee said...

Be sure to check outthe Cheat's Theme Song and the Ballad of the Sneak (#1 Summer Jam from 1936).

Mungerphut said...

Burninating the people and the thatched roof cottages!!!

Joshua said...

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Melissavina said...

Oh wow, I haven't looked at HSR for a couple of years! I wonder what those crazy kids are up to. For a while there much of my vocabulary was derived from that little website.

I'm on my way right now to see what's new with the old gang!

And please tell me you've listened to William Shatner's album by now.

SleekPelt said...

melissavina: I've only listened to it via clips on iTunes so far, but once I heard the cover of Pulp's "Common People," I was sold. I'm working on getting the whole thing.