Reversing the Numbness

Monday, July 2, 2007

What a Pisser!

It was a good trip. I arrived on Tuesday and took a cab to my Hotel, the beautiful Banks Mansion on Herengracht. When staying in Amsterdam, there's no good reason to stay down in the Dam area, as far as I'm concerned. The city is much cooler away from all the hustle (literally) and bustle.

One of the great things about foreign travel is the bathrooms. Countries simply do bathrooms differently. The one in my hotel room wasn't too far from an American bathroom:

The only thing unusual here (if American stuff is usual to you, that is) is the push-button flusher on the top of the tank. But this bathroom also had an amazing feature in the rain-fall shower:

Yeah, my own in-room steam shower with the eucalyptus option. And believe me, the eucalyptus option was money!

Sure, I was spoiled by my hotel's push-button flusher and steam shower, but when I was out and about on the streets of Amsterdam, I lived like the locals and used this baby:

Here's the inside view:

Step right up, ladies! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the public urinals that don't even have the shield around them. Hey, if people regularly just piss on the street, you might as well put a urinal there!

More later.


josh williams said...

I went to the ISDE in Brescia Italy a few years ago and saw the coolest toilet there, really, toilets are cool across the pond. Glad you had a great trip and do post...Ok, my favorite toilet on that trip was high on a hill beside a castle, it looked like a money mover machine. I thought it was at first, but it had doors, I put a few coins in a door slide open like Star Trek I walked in, it was soaking wet floor to ceiling dripping stainless toilet mesh floor recessed faucets etc. After I pee'ed (that was what it was for amoung other things) I pushed my hands into the recess over the sink and water came out I dried my hands via air dryer pushed a button Star Trek Door and I yelled to Toilets "Hey come here I'm buying".

josh williams said...

Yes I forgot, the bathroom after the door closed, rinsed itself, hence the dripping stainless...It made a car wash sound when it cleaned itself, I do not think that this would be approved by the green party, cleaning with high pressure water the entire bathroom after each coin was dropped, so to speak and I have to agree but man it was one of the coolest toilets I ever did visit. Kind Regards and now I have to go outside and stop what sounds like a gunfight outside, yes for true...of all days our day of independance it sounds like a gunpowder support group, what gives?

Carla said...

I'm pretty sure that I have pics of the Amsterdam outdoor urinals ;-)