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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

Since I didn't post Friday Music last week, and I've been punished with reruns of horrible television shows, I've decided to take no chances this week and post it early. So here we go.

This week's guest commenter is my pal Rob Zero, who's a fellow editor and play bass guitar for New Jersey rockers the Jukebox Zeros. It's a kick-ass band that has been featured many times in our Racer X Films. He's also a regular here on RtN and Friday Music and a very cool dude.

The topic Rob has chosen is this: The Beatles. I think this is the first time a band has been a topic, so we're breaking new ground here. I'm looking forward to seeing how creative people get with their responses.

As always, please link to your suggestions.


Zee said...

You knew this one
was coming, so I'll go ahead and get it out of the way now.

You actually exposed me to this band a few years ago.

And this one.

olives and more said...

OMG, I love The Beatles.. Too bad I just got home from Molly's and my brain is mush. Also, I've been a stranger to RtN....*Sigh* I miss it.
Here. I don't think it's that creative and I feel like I have recommended it in the past.

getto said...

Not a huge Beatles fan, so this is what I got:

Crusselldrums said...

Ahhh... the Beatles. Where to start?

Wow, I had never heard this version... very cool!

Two of my faves.

Oh... what the hell!?!

Rob Zero said...

I'm curious as to why so many people are concentrating on Beatles covers... interesting...

Zee: I don't know those bands, but I like the idea of putting a website on the front of the stage.

Getto: Cool vid. My wife has a well-worn VHS of Live Aid, and this isn't on it.

Crusselldrums: I'm often of the thought that covering the Beatles on record is often futile, since it's impossible to match the original. However, that Mann/Penn cover is pretty tremendous and captures the spirit of the original.

Rob Zero said...

Olives and More: WAY underrated tune with the descending chord progression that has come to be known as the Beatles sound.

Rob Zero said...

Here's a few of my favorite Beatles tunes:

Great riff

George is my favorite Beatle and THIS is a nice song. I find Lennon's harmonies a little haunting and otherworldly. I wonder if they do this in the great coffee shop in the sky?

IMHO, Paul's solo career kind of pinnacled with the Band on the Run record. Here's a cool tune from that one.

SleekPelt said...

My favorite John Lennon solo song. One of them, anyway.

Check out this crazy business.

This is bitchin'.

Clash said...

rb: Great topic. I agree there are a few bands that are immune to anyone ever doing a cover better than the original, and the Beatles are among those selected few.

I have posted this one before, but it’s one of my favorites in a stripped down version.

Let it Be

Short tune, but sweet

Rob Zero said...

Sleek: Some trivia. Jealous Guy was actually written as a Beatles' song called "Child of Nature." Various demos exist on several bootlegs (and a snippet appears on the Let It Be Naked 2nd CD).

Often, people criticize the Fabs for not "rocking" enough. They need to see those Shea shows. Some great rock and roll there.

Clash: Great choices. Eleanor Rigby may be the most depressing well-known song in the history of pop music. Some groundbreaking songwriting by Paul.

Anonymous said...

Beatles preached peace love and G love wrote a song about these too:

Clash said...

rob zero: You seem like a well qualified Beatles aficionado. Give me your choices for the best 2 albums and I’ll listen to them…..start to finish. I need to dive into their genius a bit deeper.

CHUD said...

Another George classic, with a shout out to Zee's asian covers:

More George, and my best hope of triggering a flashback:

A decent cover:

Proof that the boys from Liverpool transcend all genres:

moneytastesbad said...

Yeah, American Idol sucks, but this rocks.

The Be Sharps


Helen Mansfield said...

I know Brits still hail Oasis as the next coming of the Beatles, putting "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" at the top of the nation's all-time favorite albums.

I had a lot of hope, and love for The Las:

My favorite cover would have to be Sarah McLachlan's version of "Blackbird" from the "I Am Sam" soundtrack. It makes my heart stop every time I hear it.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Well, well, well, what could be more suitable than songs from possibly the world's most influential foursome? Let's see:

The Beatles Lady Madonna [1968] - A bluesey boogie-woogie, sounding like something Monty Python would have done.

John Lennon Oh My Love [Imagine, 1971] - So sweet.

The Beatles Nowhere Man [Rubber Soul, 1965] - Something a bit more introspective, although the Yellow Submarine visuals are like a bad acid trip.

Rob Zero said...

Clash: I have to recommend Abbey Road. I feel it's their best record. I am continually moved by the "medley" at the end. I'm going to suggest Help as the other album. It's very underrated and filled with great rock n roll and pop songs. They really started to grow as songwriters at this point, and Ringo was on FIRE during '65 and '66.

Rob Zero said...

Chud: Loved the "While My..." cover. That guy's playing is really quite beautiful. I tried to get through the Maroon 5 cover... I really did... but the singer incites violence in my soul.

Rob Zero said...

Helen: I never thought that Oasis sounded that much like the Beatles. Occasionally, they'd use phase similarly and those aforementioned descending chord progressions, but that's about it. I agree, The La's were a good band.

TEOH: Trivia... Lady Madonna is about a whore. The days of the week are her johns ("Wednesday morning papers didn't come...").
Nowhere Man is one of my favorites. Just a great song 100%.

Clash said...

rz: Thanks! I'm on it.

Rob Zero said...

Mediating this blog really got me thinking of my favorite Beatles tunes. If you're interested, here's 5 more all from '66-'67:



THREE (Check out that bass)

FOUR (Only song credited to all four Beatles)

FIVE (Movie version... recorded in '67, not released 'til Yellow Submarine film in '69)

moneytastesbad said...

What, no review of my selections :(

Rob Zero said...

Money: I know I wrote something, because The Rutles is my favorite music parody of all time (even above Spinal Tap). I guess I screwed up somehow.

My wife called me into the room during that American Idol performance. That kid was quite good.

Be-Sharps. Not only is it a funny pun, but there is no B sharp on the music scale. Those Simpsons writers are brilliant