Reversing the Numbness

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wow ... Maybe the Coliseum Really Is a Tough Place to Play

It was so awesome to watch WVU put it to the UCLA Bruins for the second year in a row today. I don't remember where they were ranked when we beat them in SoCal last year, but today the number-two team in the country fell to our unranked Mountaineers, thanks to another true team effort that saw even the rarely used walk-on guard Ted Talkington making some key shots. Imagine how frustrating we must be to UCLA coach Ben Howland.

Sure, we're a pretty good team with a lot of promise to be even better in '08 and '09, but I've discovered the reason for UCLA's lackluster performance today -- and, no, it's not because Darren Collison was out with an injury. It's because Michael Roll was forced to play 24 minutes with severe constipation (see photos). The poor dude was clearly in misery.


g2thelow said...

Did you know WVU leads the series 3-1? I hope we see them on our schedule in the future.

One correction: The UCLA Bruin who sat out was Darren Collison. We would have probably had an easier time of it if Arron Afflalo had in fact been the one who sat out ... he was the top-scorer with 27 points.

SleekPelt said...

Ah, yes, my bad. I'm going to correct it on the post. Thanks.