Reversing the Numbness

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Music

It's Friday. I need music.

I'm going to try something really different this week: a Friday Music chain.

I'll start by posting some music, and hopefully the next person up will comment on it before posting stuff of their own. Then the next person comments on the second batch of music before posting his or her music. And so on.

I fully realize that this may be a disaster, and that even if you guys play along, there could be some confusion along the way, with multiple people playing off of one person's suggestions. That's okay, though. If it starts getting weird, feel free to just bend the rules to your liking.

I will say, however, that whoever follows me will probably be the luckiest person of the day, because they get to comment on the most exciting find I've made in a while: Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves. Wow. Just plan on listening to every song on that MySpace page, and if you're like me, plan on listening to them a whole bunch of times.


Zee said...

Looks like I drew the lucky straw today. Of course, by the time I finish writing this comment out, someone might beat me to it, but thats the risk I run in trying to be thorough.

Wow, this Eli Reed cat is pretty fuckin' cool. I actually did a double take when it started playing to make sure it was, in fact, a recent release that I was hearing. This guy does the Stax-era soul thing in an utterly genuine manner (spot-on production, terrific ryhthm section, backing vocals, horns---all quite impressive). If someone told me about this guy before I heard him, I'd have probably thought to myself that it'll sound schticky; happily, thats not the case here at all. It looks like he's getting a ton of good press, too. Could this signify a newfound appreciation for great live rock & roll without pretense or widespread commercial appeal? Probably not, but Eli Reed gets two smacks across the fuckin' mout' from me (for you non-Jerky Boy fans, thats two thumbs up--way up).

Yeah,I listened to every song. Great find, Sleek.

There may not be anywhere to go but down from there, but here are my selections for today:

You probably came across this one a few times back in the 90s on MTV or VH1, but I've recently re-discovered this album. Real good stuff.

Yesterday, en route to the 2nd of 3 viewings (well, a shiva and 2 viewings) within 10 days, I listened to this record. Here's a live version of the song that most people know. I'm sure you all heard a few times, but maybe not for a while. It may be a but pretentious, but I like it. I played in cover band several years ago that tried to stick with music we liked (read: non-top 40/radio hits --- surprisingly, we weren't very popular) and this was one of the first songs we played.

The Dalai Mama said...

zee: I do remember that Son Volt video! Very good. I'd like to explore that band further. I think Sleek has listened to them a good bit. I've heard of Grant Lee Buffalo about a zillion times on U92, but don't remember anything sounding that freaking good.

Next in line...These guys are so damn good it's nearly painful.

Clash said...

Zee: I don’t want to break the chain, but Sleek knows my sincere affection for Grant Lee Buffalo. Great version of Mockingbirds, and one of my favorites off of Mighty Joe Moon. Another kicking tune off that cd is Demon Called Deception, and don’t forget about Honey Don’t Think.

On to Explosions in the Sky…..It’s a rare treat to see three guitars smoking like that on the same stage. They absolutely freaking jam! The build up on every song is worth every second. I checked out a few more and was digging on The Birth and Death of the Day too.

I have not heard this song in a while, but did just before checking out FM and it was a 90’s staple. If nothing else, they used “placenta” in their lyrics and pulled it off.


moneytastesbad said...


Great song. Brings back memories of my short time in the Army. I was in AIT at Ft Lee, VA. I had bought a bookshelf Stereo/CD system on a Military issued credit card and this is one of the CD's I bought along with it. So I am having some bittersweet thoughts while listening to it.

It also reminds me of seeing Live live at the Mountainlair for Fall Fest back in like 2000 or so. I really enjoyed the show.

My wife is also a big fan. I would love to take her to see them if they were touring in the area.

Now it is my turn

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

moneytastesbad: just how cool are the Alabama 3?! I'd never heard of these guys before, but... wow. Rocky, bluesey dance. My favourite combination! I guess you could call it Acid Country! And they're from Brixton, which shows good musical heritage. Weird how they give the Black Power salute at the end, there... Man! Now I want to see them live!

Here's my selection:

Goldfrapp Clowns - never before has a near-unintelligible song about plastic surgery been this warm and wonderous.

The Presets This Boy's In Love - quirky, vintage synth sound from these electrogods from Down Under.

Martina Topley Bird Anything - slow it down with the sexy Martina. Her new album is due any mintue now.

Erin O'Brien said...

Orchid: "Clowns" made me want to smoke marijuana and have an intense homosexual experience with another straight woman. I do not know what this means, it just is. Although methinks someone is to be commended.

The "Boys" video does not look the way it sounds. It evoked that strange intimacy between fighters that has always fascinated me.

The light/dark black/white contrast in the Martina vid is way hot. Now you have to listen to me gas on.

1. Contrast is at the heart of all art.

2. I like cold regular beer like PBR and I like to drink it with regular hairy guys.

3. Last night, I went to a launch party for a new literary journal. A friend of mine did a reading for the group of about 75 Cleveland literati. She read a poem that she introduced as having been inspired by a lunch her and I shared at a local deli. The poem chronicled my praise of the cone vibrator.

Welcome to my world. Here is a good song.

Clash said...

I MUST have a banana mic!

Erin: You always makes me smile.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi Clash--Doesn't that microphone rock?


Zee said...

Erin-In an alternate universe, I probably have a crush on you.
The JBZs opened for the Dickies in Philly a few years ago. Fun fun show.